14 Ways sex changes if you're drunk or high

14 Ways sex changes if you're drunk or high

Like a lot of physiological processes, sex is affected by drug consumption. We've always known this to some extent (especially those of us who have woken up the next day in a stranger's house with nothing but a dry mouth and a distinct feeling of regret), but now it's been scientifically proven.

In a small study of 24 heterosexual people - half men, half women - researchers found various ways in which drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana can affect sexual prowess and performance - and it's not always positive.

However, before we reveal the 14 ways that getting drunk or high will affect your bedroom habits, it should of course be mentioned that doing the dirty with anybody while intoxicated is not recommended, as a person should be able to give consent before they get down to business.

Now we've got that covered, here's the details you've been waiting for...

1. Alcohol and marijuana make you feel sexier

According to one 32-year-old female participant from the study, "When I'm drunk, I'm drunk, so I'm like, 'I'm hot.' Then with weed, I usually feel more sexy ... and happy. You usually feel a little sexier, a little bit more turned on and ready to have sex, instead of being self-conscious."

2. However, while alcohol makes you more confident...

We've all heard the phrase 'Dutch courage' before, and this is why. Having a couple of beers or a cheeky glass of wine will lower your inhibitions, and make you more likely to pursue someone that you might not have had the guts to when sober. However, in men, this sometimes translates to aggression - so make sure to know your limits.

3. Weed can make you more insecure

Smoking invokes paranoia in some people, making them question their body image and personal sex appeal. It can also make you quieter than usual - which is completely opposite to the effect alcohol has on most users.

4. Smoking can also make you pickier

"When I'm high, I'm a people person, but I'm selective," reported one participant, a 35-year-old man. "When I drink, I don't mind being in a crowd of people. There are times I'll be high, and I'll go to a party, and I'll pick this guy or this girl. But when I'm drunk, I'm just going to mingle with everybody."

5. But it also makes people more attractive in general

Much like alcohol, weed makes people appear more appealing than they might normally do. And this doesn't just apply to strangers, either. Some participants of the study reported finding their partners more attractive after they'd smoked - and one 22-year-old woman claimed that "it's much worse on marijuana than on alcohol".

6. Alcohol puts you 'in the mood'

If, after a few gin and tonics, your mind starts to wander to that pretty girl at the bar, don't be ashamed - you're not alone. Alcohol is actually something of an aphrodisiac in that it makes people want sex more than they usually do.

7. Whereas smoking makes you more content in general

"Maybe I'm looking for [sex] more if I were drunk, whereas when I'm high, I'm happy doing other things," said one 31-year-old woman during the study. "Sex is great. Watching a movie is great. Resting's great. But when I'm drunk, f*****g would be great."

8. Men and women respond differently to alcohol

Across the board, alcohol seems to have similar effects on most people, regardless of gender. However, one exception is that men report feeling more 'bold' or 'confident', with one male participant stating that, "It feels like you get a lot more primal [on alcohol]." Women, on the other hand, say they feel more 'adventurous' - so, while they may not pursue somebody to do the deed with, they'd be more likely to comply if somebody approached them.

9. Booze makes you forget

Okay, we probably didn't need science to tell us this one - but it's probably one of the most important things to mention. Alcohol can cause blackouts, meaning that one person might remember a sexual encounter, while the other person might not. In order to avoid animosity with your partner/FWB/that guy you met at a bus stop, you should avoid inviting someone into your bed if you know you've had too much to drink.

10. And, while women regret having drunk sex...

Women are more likely to experience feelings of shame the morning after, with one participant saying: "When you're drunk, you might see somebody and be like, damn, he looks mad good. Then you wake up, you're like, oh, what the hell did I just do?"

11. Men just tend to regret who they slept with

Guys, on the other hand, don't really regret the act itself, but rather who they chose to do it with. "Oh, so much regret for alcohol," said one 20-year-old man. "Sometimes I hook up with girls I wouldn't normally have while sober."

12. People last longer when drunk

One of the effects alcohol has on the body is desensitization. Many people will associate this with feeling less pain, but it also changes the way you perform when doing the horizontal tango. Both men and women in the study reported being able to last longer - although some female participants pointed out that it can get uncomfortable after a while.

13. But both weed and booze can lead to dysfunction

Again, this is something that affected people regardless of gender. While alcohol and marijuana changes people's attitude towards sex, it doesn't really help in the physical sense. Guys can struggle to get it up, and some women reported finding it difficult to get 'naturally lubricated' after smoking.

14. Being high makes it harder to achieve orgasm

According to the participants, getting to a happy ending was difficult after smoking, because ingesting the drug affects concentration.

So, there you have it. Remember, if you're planning to get it on with someone while under the influence, make sure you have their explicit consent, and be prepared for things to maybe not go quite to plan.