15 Dates that got rudely interrupted by exes

15 Dates that got rudely interrupted by exes

Whether you hate their guts or managed to stay on good terms, exes tend to have a power over us that is hard to escape from. Once you've gotten to the point where you can get out there and meet new people, even landing a date or two, you can count yourself lucky that things are going so smoothly.

That is, until they come back into your life. And not all these interruptions to your life are going to come at the right place and the right time. In fact, some people's exes find a way of picking the absolute worst moment to remind you that they are still around. Whisper have collected a number of testimonies from real people who had dates interrupted in this way, and some of them sound like the worst...

1. This is straight up creepy

2. Bad timing

3. The creeps keep coming...

4. Not the best thing to see

5. Note to self: change location settings

6. What a weirdo

7. No good answer

8. Hard to explain

9. Is she bad?

10. The league of evil exes

11. Crossing boundaries

12. Random chance

13. Rubbing it in

14. Not interested

15. A silver lining

Have you ever had an awkward encounter with an ex like these unfortunate people did? Hopefully not, as interrupting a date goes straight from awkward to horrible, as many of these sounded.

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