15 Outrageous stories from people who found out their sibling married their ex

15 Outrageous stories from people who found out their sibling married their ex

Dealing with an ex can be hard enough as it is. Seeing them with a new lover or even just coming across the song/sweater/ice cream flavour that reminds you of them – it can be tough to move on. But ultimately, you probably broke up for a good reason and you know you need to look forward rather than into the past.

But for some unfortunate people, that's easier said than done. While we know of instances in which some (very bad) friends sleep with their friend's partner, apparently, there are also people who think it's okay to not only hook up with their sibling's ex but even to marry them!

There's no way of keeping a healthy distance from your ex if they're at every family event for the next foreseeable decades... Can you imagine what it would feel like? These 15 people do, and they've shared their stories with Whisper.

1. That's certainly one way to break the news

2. Did it all start there?

3. Well, she was upfront about it

4. That's a looong time

5. That's that

6. Stuck in the middle

7. Wow, this really sucks

8. That'll be one big surprise to find out

9. Did you keep the receipts?

10. Just imagine...

11. What an awkward situation

12. Drama, drama, drama

13. Best not to think about it

14. Best not to think about this either

15. Grin and bear it, huh?

A lot of these sound like the beginnings of some thrilling movie synopses. If anything, why not try and sell your story and make it a box-office hit? If you liked that, check out these 12 outrageous reasons couples decided to stay together when they totally shouldn't have.