15 Weird things you didn't need to know about sex

15 Weird things you didn't need to know about sex

Let's talk about sex.

Though many of us are outwardly bashful when discussing our own sexual mores and desires, most of us, in private, find the topic fascinating.

Whether through reading gossip columns about the illicit affairs of celebrities, or advice pieces telling us how we might achieve such mind blowing coitus as to change our lives forever, we basically love learning about sex and its place in our modern, progressive culture.

Of course, being an extremely intimate act between two human beings, there are some aspects of sex that we tend to sweep under the carpet, prefer not to talk about, or else had no inkling of. Here, then, are some pretty weird things that you probably didn't know about sex.

1. Smoking affects your performance 

Those who do not smoke can expect to enjoy longer lasting tumescence.

2. Being drunk does not equal good sex 

A lot of people say that drunk sex is the best sex, but your response to sexual activity when inebriated is a lot slower than normal and alcohol reduces your sexual function.

3. Female orgasms serve a dual 'purpose' - to help you get pregnant 

When women orgasm, their vaginal walls vibrate in a manner that increases the chances of sperm reaching an egg.

4. Older people are having more sex than ever 

Studies from several medical institutions suggest that sexual activity among 65 and older adults has increased over the last few years.

5. Your sense of smell plays a key role 

Findings point to sense of smell as a vital part of sexual attraction.

6. Your nose swells in size during sex 


7. Some condoms are made using milk products 

Are you lactose intolerant?

8. Average penis size reportedly comes in at 5.6 inches 

But it's all about how you use it.

9. Online surveys claim that 12% of adults have had work sex 


10. Pubes are protecting you 

Shaving them increases your chances of catching a sexually transmitted disease.

11. Vibrators were invented as a cure for "female hysteria"

In the 19th Century.

12. Getting condom size right is important 

Don't just buy the biggest ones as a show of bravado.

13. Greece is the most sexually active nation


14. Whales have the biggest penis of any mammal 

On average, Killer Whales have eight foot members. All relative though, isn't it?

15. There is no correlation between penis size and shoe size 

The classic "Well, you know what they say..." is actually nonsense.

I think we've all learned something today. Take the knowledge with you, and share it as you see fit.