15 Weird things everybody does but no one will admit

15 Weird things everybody does but no one will admit

There are some people in society that always get called weird - bronies, furries, Juggalos, goth kids - because they act different from the norm. But what's considered normal is subjective. For example, if you're in a room full of Juggalos, and you're not a Juggalo, you're the weird one. I mean, let's face it - human beings, in general, are pretty weird creatures. If you take a step back, and think about the things you do every day, you'll notice some really strange behavior.

Well, we shouldn't be ashamed of our weirdness. We should embrace it. Here are 15 weird little things that everybody does, but no one will admit.

1. Two trips? That's crazy talk.

Yeah, all these bag handles hurt my hands and I'm staggering around like a zombie, but I am not making two trips!

2. Trashy people

Okay, I'm definitely guilty of this one. But come on, who can remember how long it takes to cook a pizza?

3. Off the wall

To be fair, I'm sure it is a very interesting wall.

4. Bugging out

Maybe you were a cricket in a previous life.

5. If don't see it, it didn't happen

That's the problem with living alone - roommates never clean up your messes.

6. #DatGroceryLife

And it's even worse when the next customer's groceries are piling up on the conveyer belt behind you. Clearly, going to the grocery store is a stressful ordeal for many people. I'm glad these issues are finally getting some attention.

7. A helping hand


It's like the world's laziest yoga position.

8. Internet addicts

Yes, and then I check my iPad, to see what the other, medium-sized Internet is up to.

9. Re-tirement problems

Luckily, there's a way to get your 'tired' back: Drink a massive amount of alcohol. Works every time.

10. Let it soak in

Typically, this isn't a problem for me, because I don't know to cook anything that requires big ass pots. But last Christmas I was at my mom's place, helping out with the dishes after dinner, and this exact situation happened. You think you're done, washing something easy like wine glasses, and then you turn around - nope! Such a bummer. When you don't have the energy to scrub the dirtiest pots, just let them soak! Soaking, washing - same difference.

11. Save your skin

At some point, you just have to take the L, and put on a Band-Aid.

12. Good touch

Like cats, women can communicate with each other without even speaking. Also, they hack up a lot of hairballs.

13. Make your mark

Well, at least nobody can see them besides you (and your many followers on social media)

14. Quid pro quo

Like I'm just going walk around, throwing happy birthdays at people willy-nilly. Come on! If you didn't wish me happy birthday, I wish you nothing. Nothing!

15. Awkward timing

And what about when the dot-dot-dot is there for a while, and then it suddenly disappears? What were you typing to me?! Will I ever know?!

Well, there you have it. If you're guilty of doing any of this odd behavior, congratulations! You are a total weirdo, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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