16 Of the rudest "this is why you're single" comments ever

16 Of the rudest "this is why you're single" comments ever

Let's just start off by saying that a person who utters the words "this is why you're single", is probably going to be approximately 4,000 percent less of a catch than who they're talking about.

I mean, romantic attraction is totally subjective, so you're a bit of a git to point at someone and attribute their singledom to one of their traits. Also, some people just... choose to be single rather than dating some dunce who doesn't really improve their quality of life anyway.

But there's always that someone who loooves to look at you and gleefully hypothesise "this is why you're single".

It's usually your pessimistic grandmother who complains about everything anyway and thinks that no-one listens to her, or that creepy uncle you stares at you a little uncomfortably and enjoys watching you squirm.

So as a sarcastic salute to all those vile human beings telling you why you're single, here's a collection of the 16 rudest "this is why you're single" comments that people have shared on Whisper.

1. Are we still living in the dark ages?

2. Sorry about the whole "self-respect" thing

3. The bare minimum, really

4. Just... wow

5. From your own mother...

6. "Too loving"

7. Go hard or go home, apparently

8. Well... aren't we all?

9. Each to their own

10. Ugh, typical

11. That's just cruel

12. Are we not in the 21st century?

13. Siiigh

14. No-one ever does

15. Who would even say something like that?

16. Yes, and?

But don't despair. These kinds of snarky comments come from people more insecure about themselves than actually trying to offer you any kind of "wisdom". Don't give them your time.