18 Revelations from people in a 'throuple' relationship

18 Revelations from people in a 'throuple' relationship

All our favourite movies and love songs illustrate perfectly what it is to find "The One". But imagine if, for you, it was more like... "The Two"?

Our own experiences over the years see us through different relationships with different partners, and so after a while, we can feel pretty confident in what makes for a good coupling. But a "throuple" – a polyamorous relationship between three people, also known as a triad – is something not many people know about.

Throuple's claim to receive a lot of criticism for their particular relationship preference, but that's probably because it seems so unusual to the ordinary, monogamous crowd. So here are 18 little insights from people in throuple relationships to help you learn a bit more about it.

1. Fair point

2. I guess it just seems too unconventional

3. Same as in any relationship!

4. That must be a struggle

5. Does that make it a "fouple"?

6. Everyone Netflix and chills

7. Aw, that's nice

8. Problem solved!

9. You're never lonely

10. Didn't see that coming

11. You've got to draw the line somewhere

11. Stuck in a love triangle

12. Jealousy is a curse

13. Thanks, Dad

14. It certainly is attention-grabbing!

15. Happiness looks different to everyone

17. Variety is the spice of life!

18. The best of all worlds

For some people, a throuple-style relationship is just totally out of the question and something they never even would've thought about. But for others, that's the way they like it. Love is love.