19 crazy parents reveal why they are trying to sabotage their kids' relationships

19 crazy parents reveal why they are trying to sabotage their kids' relationships

Being a parent is definitely one of the more difficult tasks you are likely to face during your time on Earth, especially when your child gets to the age that they begin dating.

Your child is more than likely precious to you, so the person they date needs to be perfect for them. I imagine it's exceptionally difficult to watch your kid go for someone who you don't like or isn't good for them. However, as your child gets older, you have to let them make their own decisions and fend for themselves, unlike these parents.

This list below shows the ridiculous lengths that some parents go to in order to sabotage their kids' relationship.

1. No one likes a snitch, particularly when it's a lie

2. Pettiness = 100

3. How much are we talking here?

4. I bet your toilet suffers

5. Stop being so overbearing

6. And he agrees to show you them?

7. If she loves him, just accept it

8. Like a form of weird interrogation

9. Surely he'll just ask her and she'll deny it every time?

10. Double standards?

11. Somebody call Catfish!

12. What if she was the one pushing him to do well?

13. I'd laugh if they rekindle when she's back

14. Speaking of her ex will just make your daughter sad

15. It's always warm under the sheets

16. There are many other locations they can meet up


18. But now she's miles away from you

19. You shouldn't. 

Being a parent is about looking after your child, and a time will come when you've got to set them free. Yes, you might not like some of the choices they make in life, but they're their choices, not yours. All of the parents above are completely ridiculous.

Dating someone who is not right for you is just part of life, it helps us realise who and what we are after, and serves to shape our personalities.