19 Gross messages that show how hard it is to be a woman on Tinder

19 Gross messages that show how hard it is to be a woman on Tinder


Do we have to keep going over this? Is it really so amusing to send vulgar messages to women on Tinder that we have to keep talking about them? Why can't we share the lovely messages and high quality banter that other Tinderonis enjoy between them? All we hear about are the gross ones, and I don't think that's really very healthy for us.

I mean, I 100% blame the internet and the subsequent invention of dating apps on my total desensitisation to gross messages directed at women. I can scroll through these kind of lists now without dry-retching or even feeling tempted to throw my phone across the room. That's bad, isn't it?

But that's the way it is for many, many unsuspecting females who are (usually) just trying to use Tinder to genuinely meet a decent guy. At least these girls have done the right thing by taking screenshots of their conversations (if you can call them that) and sharing them with the internet.

Here are some of the strongest contenders for the title of Filthiest Tinder Messages of late:

1. Oh lordy...


2. This guy with zero clues 


3. Gee thanks


4. This one's got us all figured out


5. Aaaaand there goes another one that could've been normal


6. We've got a man on a mission over here


7. Props for creativity, but still... no


8. YUCK.

9. It was intriguing until the end

10. Thanks but no thanks


11. Wow things turned quickly there


12. Modern day poets over here


13. Wow what a tempting offer


14. What does this even mean?



15. You wanna do what now?


16. *Crickets chirping*


17. The face says it all


18. Nothing more charming than religious sex puns


19. She can play that game too

Someone needs to look into whether Prince Charming or similar has any living descendants, because SOMEONE needs to teach some of these guys a thing or two about how to talk to ladies in a nice and non disgusting way. Now please just leave me to slowly shake my head over the state of things until the end of time.