19 People reveal why they don't believe in soulmates

19 People reveal why they don't believe in soulmates

Fairytales and romcoms will have us believe that each person has a soulmate, their true love... "the one".

It's the person you can really feel the sparks fly with, the person that you click with so differently than you've ever clicked before with anyone else. But – just as 500 Days of Summer teaches us – this can all be an illusion, and often you'll believe what you want to believe even if the person you thought was your soulmate turns out to be as disinterested and cold-hearted as they always said they were GODDAMMIT (I'm still bitter about the failure of that particular love story, to be honest).

But in any case, it's probably more likely that there are multiple people around the world who you are more compatible with than the average Joe, who each have the potential to be your "true love" if you ever get the chance to cross paths. In fact, there are studies that actually show what happens to your body when you do meet "the one". I personally believe there is a sort of thing as a soulmate, just in the sense that there are multiple variations of them around the world.

But I could be the only one, as it turns out there are a lot of people who really, truly, vehemently DON'T believe in soulmates.

1. Hmm, that's actually quite sweet

2. They're more about the feels

3. That's true

4. Well, fair enough

5. This person isn't setting their standards particularly high

6. Is it just one of society's illusions?

7. Call it what you call it

8. Everyone has their own reasons

9. We've got a realist over here

10. Don't give up

11. Don't rely on "fate"

12. You see it to believe it

13. Things change

14. Don't give up

15. This sounds about right

16. Call it what you will

17. Sounds more possible

18. It's more about the hard work

19. As they say, nothing good comes easy

What do you think? Do you believe in true love and whether you've got a soulmate, or perhaps multiple potential soulmates?