20 Men reveal some of the craziest lies they have told in order to get laid

20 Men reveal some of the craziest lies they have told in order to get laid

Finding someone willing to jump into bed with you can sometimes be a bit of a hard task. With the likes of Tinder, it's become that bit easier, but for decades, men have been convincing women to sleep with them via the art of seduction.

Regardless of what you think of the whole dating dance, there are some exaggerations which are acceptable when you're speaking to someone you like, and there are outright lies which are not. Here are just some of the craziest lies used to sleep with someone, as confessed by men all over the internet.

1. I wonder if this guy was understating, or exaggerating?

2. He also probably didn't use a condom

3. It's not a good look

4. Oh dear

5. You can only really use this lie once with each person

6. Not quite forever

7. That's kind of awful

8. The Tolstoy curse

9. She's in for a rude awakening

10. I guess that turned out for the best

11. I hope they didn't go through with the marriage...

12. Needless to say, she probably found this guy out very quickly

13. We won't be seeing this guy in confession any time soon

14. This is just low

15. The second virginity

16. Betraying the kale 

17. Politically charged lovemaking

18. This is just awful

19, Both as bad as each other

20. Poor girl

I don't know about you guys, but some of these were pretty terrible, and I think of the lies on here are pretty much unforgivable. If there are any women out there reading this, just know that not all guys are like this; take your time, and you might just find someone honest and worth your time.