20 Single people reveal why they refuse to date anyone

20 Single people reveal why they refuse to date anyone

There's someone for everyone.

At least, that's what the old adage says. Whether you're a billionaire playboy athlete or an overworked employee at a supermarket, there's something about human nature that causes us to lock eyes with a special girl or guy, and then hopefully settle down and raise a family.

That being said, there are some people out there that are still in the early stages of writing their own love story. And while some of these single people are taking to Tinder or heading to a bar every weekend, others seem pretty content with staying single, even to the point where they're refusing to date at all. Here are a couple of them, explaining exactly why they chose this life.

1. At least you're honest with yourself

2. Something's gotta give...

3. It can be a lot of effort

4. Some people can be cruel, and it can have long-lasting effects

5. Maybe it's something you can work on

6. Being vulnerable can be super terrifying

7. When you put it that way...

8. There are still good people out there... sometimes, they can be hard to find

9. That's one way to go about it

10. Sometimes, it can be hard to let someone in. Sometimes, that's literally

11. It's a hard place to be in

12. Cherophobia - it's a thing

13. Sometimes, being single is the only defense mechanism we have against a cruel world

14. It can definitely feel that way sometimes

15. Never be afraid to work on yourself first

16. Dating can be very uncomfortable sometimes. There are a ton of creeps out there

17. Never be afraid to let the right one in

18. Nobody wants to be with someone less mature than them

19. You never know - someone could fall madly in love with that smile

20. Sometimes, some things are more important

Trying to find a relationship is hard. Dating is probably the easiest way to go about it, but when you're dating, you have to deal with your vulnerabilities, your insecurities and your expectations, and that can be painful. As these people have shown one way or another, it's not for everyone, so don't feel like you have to date if you don't want to. And don't worry: the right one will come along when the time's right.