22 Confessions from parents who secretly hate their kids

22 Confessions from parents who secretly hate their kids

One of the greatest experiences we'll ever have as people is the ability to bring up children into functional people. Parenting is rightly celebrated as one of the best things you'll ever achieve in your life, but nothing great was ever achieved easily, and raising a child is incredibly hard.

That's to be expected. Not only are there sleepless nights a plenty, but children can be massive jerks, and it's extremely frustrating to have to parent them. So frustrating can kids be, that these parents have confessed they actually hate their children.

1. This parent has reached their limit

2. No parent should have to feel this way

3. It's not easy being the bad guy all the time

4. "They bring me nothing but torment"

5. Kids can be a massive strain on any loving relationship

6. Parenting is a commitment for life

7. No, you haven't failed

8. Kids can be really, really difficult

9. This mom is thinking about sending her kids away

10. Becoming a parent is a life-changing moment... for better or worse

11. At least they can't see you

12. Being a mom or dad means you don't have nearly as much time to yourself

13. Sometimes, you can't help the thoughts

14. That might not help the situation

15. Every kid is a reflection of both their parents

16. Patience is key

17. It's not always easy to get your kids to listen

18. Maybe it's time for some tough love

19. A mutually undesirable situation

20. Maybe it's time to look inward

21. Sometimes, it's about giving up control

22. Seven-year-olds can be brats, sometimes

Whether or not you agree with these parents and their deep resentment of their children, you have to admit that these moms and dads are under an immense amount of pressure. Not everyone is cut out for parenting, and I hope that everyone considering becoming a mother or father thinks long and hard about their decision.