5 Annoying habits that are ruining your love life

5 Annoying habits that are ruining your love life

Even in the age of modern dating that we live in, it can be hard to find your person. Platforms such as Tinder and Bumble, while allowing us to narrow the search criteria for potential love interests, tend to be more of an anthropological experiment for most, rather than a pursuit of true love. And there are just so many ways in which it can go disastrously wrong. I mean, what if they're more of a Breaking Bad fan, while you're all about Game of Thrones?!

Seriously though, the majority of such things are immaterial, but others are not. Namely, these five habits that consistently stop people from making true, lasting connections. Take a gander below...

1. You can't stop talking about yourself

Now, this may be rather self-explanatory but hear me out: there's no better way to show that you're interested in someone than asking them all about themselves. While you may want to "sell" yourself on a first date, you should be wary of seeming too self-involved.

2. You talk about your ex, in any capacity 

While you may feel compelled to tell your dinner date about your dating history in all of its sordid detail, please refrain. Even if you're speaking completely negatively or positively about your ex, it will still seem as if you have unresolved feelings. Wait until the third date, at least.

3. You criticise their interests 

Sure, you may hate their taste in music, and think their favourite film is farcical, but hold back on knocking the things they love. Who knows, you may grow to like them too in the future, but right now all it's going to do is alienate and make them feel uncomfortable. Additionally, it's not nice to criticise near strangers, you know?

4. You tell them all about your problems 

While it's important to practice vulnerability, especially in relationships, you want to avoid divulging too much about how terrible your dad is, and all the horrible things that happened in your childhood. It could prematurely scare your love interest away. A good practice is to wait for them to reveal something personal, and then go from there.

5. You're boastful

It may seem easier to win someone over by flashing your cash or bragging about your recent promotion, but no one likes someone who thinks too much of themselves. However, if you're interested in someone who only wants to be with you for your money and status, this is the right way to go about it - just know that you're unlikely to form a sincere, loving bond.

Well, are you making any of these disastrous faux pas? If you are, it's time to sit down and analyse your behaviour, as doing any of these five things is a surefire way to miss out on a real catch.

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