5 signs your partner is definitely falling in love with you

5 signs your partner is definitely falling in love with you

Falling in love with someone is both exciting and daunting. While the feelings of love, compassion and warmth are undoubtedly the overwhelming emotions we experience when falling in love, the likes of fear, nerves and confusion also come into play. One of the biggest fears anyone in this position will have is that the person they are falling in love with won't love them back.

It can be hard to know when someone is falling in love with you, but the following five signs should help give it away.

1. They send you stupid texts

The more pointless the message, the more drunk in love they are. If they're telling you about the banal parts of their day, it's because you're on their mind and they want to talk to you. While it may be annoying, I promise you it's a good thing.

2. They call you... a lot

As millennials, while we love our phones, we hate being on the phone. Texting, sexting and Snapchatting are all normal parts of our communication with one another. But, when it actually comes to calling each other... nope. Not happening. If a millennial is calling you regularly it means they like you. If they're leaving you voicemails: they're a stalker.

3. They don't text others

When you're beginning to fall for someone, all your other side projects fall onto the back burner. The late-night booty calls, the person you send nudes to for no reason and that other person who you just randomly chat to - they all disappear. It's the same for your partner - suddenly their phone doesn't light up in the evening and all their attention is on you.

4. They ask for style advice 

This one particularly applies to men, because we don't know how to dress ourselves. When a man asks a woman for style advice, you know that he's starting to fall for you. We're proud creatures, but boot cuts over a pair of loafers is never a good look and some men need a woman to tell them that. On the other hand, if a woman is asking a man to style her - well, you must be a bloody cool guy.

5. Their friends wreck them

There comes a point in everyone's life when their partner becomes their priority. While you used to feel bad for not going out with the guys (or girls), now, you're more than happy to sit on the sofa and binge-watch television with your S/O. But, just because you are content, it doesn't mean your friends will be. If your partner's friends have started to rip into them, it's because they know that your lover is smitten and prioritising you over them. As long as it stays friendly, it's a positive thing.

Obviously, there's a host of other signs that your partner is falling in love with you, these are just 5 definite ones to look out for. If you believe that you are in love with someone and that everything is going well, maybe take a look at these signs that you are with the wrong person - who knows, maybe you are.