6 Women reveal what it's like to date older men

6 Women reveal what it's like to date older men

Women inevitably go through phases of their lives where they believe that the male species is the absolute worst. Whether they're coming out of a painful breakup, faced a rather nasty rejection or have just become disillusioned after seeing "men be men" for so many years, you can't deny that males, and the younger ones in particular, can be incredibly immature.

As such, women either swear off men for a period of time, or they choose to go for the more mature ones instead, and I mean that in both senses of the word. Yes, women who have converted to dating The Older Man often wax lyrical about what a great decision it is.

Certainly, I doubt that George Clooney and his vast coterie of silver-haired friends make crude sandwich jokes, get embarrassingly inebriated every Friday night, and I'm sure they're vastly superior in the bedroom department. But let's hear it from those who have actually been there, so here are six women on what it's like to date a silver fox...

1. This Reddit user's parents decided to disown her because of it

"[It's] like being in any other long-term relationship. Except he's less annoying and pushy about sex than younger guys are. And way hotter. I get a lot of s*** for it, but it's honestly the best decision I could've made. [We don't get any] strange looks, surprisingly. We get that we're 'a cute couple' pretty often, but we always holding hands and doing cute things. The majority of the s*** I get is from jealous younger guys. There is the 'age differences are always manipulative' group, too.

My mother wasn't that happy at first, because when she found out about him, I was graduating high school and moving in with him on the other side of the country. After I moved here though, she's making an effort to be nice to him. I think it's because she thought I wouldn't go to college, but I am.

[Our] age difference is 12 years. I've found that, generally, older guys are more responsive to what I do and don't want to do. I'm borderline asexual, so it's a big deal for someone to be impatient and pushy about sex. This is a generalisation, but younger guys tend to try to annoy me into things."

2. There are less "petty" arguments, according to this Reddit post 

"My boyfriend is 30 years older than me, we have been together nine years. One of the things I noticed with him is that he doesn't 'allow' me to do things, I am an adult and I can hang out, drink, socialise, and be friends with whoever I want to be. He honestly doesn't care. We don't argue over petty s***, if there is an issue we can sit down, talk it out like adults and come up with a solution (80% of the time - don't get me wrong after nine years there have been a few big blow outs). I don't have to clean up after him ever, he's an adult and he acts like one. IDK I just like feeling like I have a partner and not someone who is trying to make my world revolve around them."

3.  Some Reddit users said that they felt manipulated 

"In the moment, it seems beautiful and romantic. Sometimes conversation would wander onto the reality of it and things got a little bit awkward - I didn't understand why until I got older. Now, I look back on it and it freaks me out a little bit. Knowing girls who are the age I was then and men the age he was, it seems so creepy and weird. It looked profoundly different from the inside."

4. This Reddit user said that she felt used for her looks 

"I eventually realised that while I was seeing older men as these mature, refined, more stable and interesting people, they were not seeing me as a person in the same way. Instead, when they looked at me, all they saw was my young good looks. It was all about my sexual market value. That's really all I was to them, my appearance, and that was the only thing about me of value to them. I finally got wise and stopped dating much older guys, and if I had a time machine I'd go back and warn my younger self against doing it because in the same way it's a trope that rich guys hate it when gold diggers want them for their financial market value, I hated it that they just wanted me for my looks."

5. Other Reddit users said that they ran out of things to talk about with their older man 

"Dated someone with an 11 year age gap. Eventually it got boring because our interests were so different we ran out of stuff to talk about. It was mostly just small talk like 'how was your day?' and 'do you watch this show?'... just random stuff. Our schedules were completely different as well. It was weird."

6. And sometimes age does take a toll on sex-drive 

"I'm 25 and he is 48. I would say sex drive [is one of the biggest issues we face]. He is a settled man who can go months, if not years, completely content with his hand. I am one of those people who enjoy sex two to three times a week. I can't say we have really worked this out so much as slowly met in the middle."

Well, there you have it - the truth about dating older men. Are you tempted?