7 Signs that your best friend is also your soulmate

7 Signs that your best friend is also your soulmate

In society writ large, far too much importance is placed on romantic attachments. And yes, while it's great to share an intimate and sexual relationship with someone you love, we often neglect just how important our friendships are. Female friendships, in particular, are a special breed of relationship, and are pivotal in women's lives as they transcend the majority of romantic attachments.

I personally, am always skeptical of people who refer to their partner as their "best friend". Yes, you may share an interest in good food, countryside walks and wine with your significant other, but were they there during your formative days of university, or ready with words of wisdom and support after you suffered your first heartbreak? I don't think so.

So here are seven signs that your best friend is your actual soulmate:

1. You can spend hours doing absolutely nothing with them 

Do you ever have times when you go round your best friend's just to nap and watch Netflix together? And do you somehow manage to have the best time? Then yes, they're your soulmate.

2. They don't hold back with the truth bombs 

The only person who will honestly tell you whether that text is a little too risqué is your bestie. They'll also be there to inform you if that dress isn't as flattering as you initially thought. And it's all because they've got your best interests at heart.

3. They never judge you 

Best friends never judge, mainly because they can't - as you were there to witness all of their own embarrassing mistakes. Now, you both have a plethora of hilarious (albeit mortifying), stories to pull out whenever you meet.

4. They're truthful about what they think about your current fling 

If your best friend doesn't like your latest beau, chances are they aren't worth your time. A best friend values your happiness, and won't hold back if they think that the guy you're seeing is a f***boy.

5. You become your true selves when around each other 

Your BFF is the one person with whom you don't need to hold back. In fact, you feel free to be your weirdest self around them and don't feel insecure at all.

6. You know exactly how to cheer them up

The hallmark of a best friend is knowing exactly what to do when the other is down and out. Whether you're recuperating from a particularly nasty break-up or just had a tough day at work, they'll know if the occasion calls for rosé or carbs.

7. They know absolutely everything about you 

From you deepest desires to your darkest thoughts, your best friend has heard it all, and you trust them unconditionally with every closely-guarded secret.

Well, there you have it. While your boyfriend or girlfriend may be the love of your life, chances are your best friend is your soulmate. It sounds like the best of both worlds to me.