7 Signs your partner is having an emotional affair

7 Signs your partner is having an emotional affair

Some people would argue that having an emotional affair is actually worse than a physical one. A huge part of being in a relationship is the emotional support that you give one another and breaking this bond is arguably more irreversible than breaking a physical bond. Finding out your partner is emotionally cheating on you is something that no one should have to deal with, and if you are worried that this is the case, these are seven things to look out for.

1. Your sex life changes drastically

Weirdly, if your partner is having an emotional affair, their sex drive may increase. This is due to the fact that they're feeling guilty for what they are doing and are over-compensating through physical intimacy. But, everyone is different, and it's also true that if someone is getting their fill of emotional intimacy with someone new, their interest in their current partner will dip drastically.

2. They seem distant

If your partner is getting emotional support from elsewhere, they may refrain from discussing the details of their life with you. As humans, we only have so much emotional energy to dish out and our attention goes on those we are most drawn to. Over time, this emotional attachment to a new interest can lead to detachment in your relationship.

3. Their attitude changes

While your awful cooking skills and inability to iron a shirt used to be a joke shared between the two of you, suddenly the light-hearted nature has gone. If your partner has begun to criticise you more than they used to, it could be down to the fact that they are comparing you to their interest.

4. They become more dependent on tech

If your partner was a bit of a technophobe before but is now glued to their phone, it might be time to start worrying. Even more so, if they're shady about who they're keeping in contact with and what they're looking at, it's more than likely an admission of guilt.

5. They drop their name a lot

If your partner is suddenly mentioning a new person a lot, maybe call them out on it. If they get defensive, saying nothing is going on repeatedly and being forceful about the issue, it might be time to take stock of the situation that you are currently in.

6. Their argument tactics have changed

Everyone has certain tools that they use in an argument - maybe you get hung up on one sentence, or you just talk over whoever you're arguing with - whatever it is, it's unlikely that it will change. However, if your partner has suddenly changed their approach to arguments, it's possible that they have been spilling the beans on your relationship to their new interest and have absorbed their commentary.

7. You're no longer number one

If you're in a long-term relationship, then you should be the priority in your partner's mind. However, if they're starting to prioritize certain things and people over you, it suggests that you are no longer on solid ground when it comes to your relationship.

If you're reading this and think a few of these apply to your partner, it may be best to call them up on it rather than letting it fester. It's always better to be open and honest with someone and it doesn't mean that you're pointing fingers - it just shows that you care and want to work through your problems.