7 things all men will do when they're madly in love with you

7 things all men will do when they're madly in love with you

We all love being in love. However, it's also true that regardless of how much you "love" someone, you can still mistreat, disappoint and upset them. Now, whether you choose to blame this on character flaws, a lack of connection, or something else, you can't argue with the fact that when a man is truly, and madly in love with you, he will do his utmost to show you that he cares.

While we're all human, and even the most perfect of boyfriends can slip up from time to time, here are seven things that men will only do when they want to keep you theirs forever.

1. He really listens to you

Does your partner remember every mundane detail you've told him about your childhood? Or all the innocuous comments you've made about your co-workers? If so, chances are that when you say anything, he really tunes in - and this is a surefire way to know that he's head over heels for you.

2. He makes sacrifices for you 

Whether this is moving to be near you or ditching the footie for date night, when your man consciously prioritises you in such a manner, it's a true testament to his love.

3. He's protective over you 

While being overly protective and jealous are decided red-flags, if your significant other shows an interest in keeping you out of harm's way and always makes sure to check in to see whether you've got home safe, you've found yourself a keeper.

4. He makes an effort with your family and friends 

When your boyfriend really tries to engage with your nearest and dearest, it shows that he's keen to make a good impression, because your future together is beyond important to him.

5. He's not afraid to get emotional with you 

Although this is steadily improving, a significant amount of men are still cautious of showing their partner's their vulnerable side, as they fear it will make them appear less conventionally "manly". So if you have a boyfriend who is able to share his emotional side, it demonstrates that he's truly comfortable around you.

6. He doesn't want you to change

If your partner makes it clear that he loves you just the way you are, and reminds you of the fact frequently, he's making it pretty clear that you are the one he wants.

7. He doesn't like being apart for too long

When a man is madly in love with his significant other, he hates the thought of separation. He's probably just got so used to having you around at all times, and doing adorable, couple-y stuff together, that it feels like something is missing when you're not there.

Well, there you have it. These seven things are sure-fire indicators that your man is in it for the long run. Don't have all of them? Don't fret, your gut should tell you whether your partner is a keeper, or not.