8 Signs your partner is serious about your relationship

8 Signs your partner is serious about your relationship

Today's dating world can be tricky to navigate. You meet someone and think they're totally into you, but then you get ghosted (or even worse, pie hunted). Mobile dating apps are great because they give us more options than ever before, and it's never been easier to contact people. But the downside is, your partner might bail on you at any moment. How can you tell if the person you're dating is serious about your relationship?

Sure, you can ask your partner, but it's an awkward question, and they might not tell the truth. Let's face it - people are flaky, and don't always know what they want. However, there are eight strong signs your partner takes your relationship seriously.

1. Checking in

Before your partner makes plans - like to drive back home for the weekend to visit family, or to fly to Burning Man for a week to party with dirty hippies - he or she makes it a point to check in with you. That means you are considered a priority in your partner's life.

2. Daily fix

If your partner doesn't hear from you all day, he or she gets upset. You know that late night text, "Hey, how was your day?" That is translation for "OH MY GOD I'M FIENDING FOR YOU LIKE CRACK." When you text back, "Good" they get their precious hit.

3. You're #1

When you get to a certain age, the wedding invites come rolling in, and they all include a "plus one." When it's assumed you're a plus-one, that's a sign. For example, your partner used to ask, "Want to be my plus one for my sister Rachel's third wedding?" Now your partner says, "My sister Rachel's seventh wedding is in April." You just know you're invited. (And that Rachel has to get her damn life together.)

4. Playing favorites

Your partner often takes you to his or her "favorite" restaurant or "favorite" outdoor music festival or "favorite" S&M goth nightclub. That means your partner is comfortable letting you into their world. Welcome to Narnia.

5. TV torture

We're in a golden age of television, which means there's something for everyone, and everyone doesn't like the same things. There are shows you love and your partner hates, and vice versa. If you know your partner hates The Walking Dead, but still watches it with you, even after you've had sex? That's when you know you're getting more serious than Negan and Lucille.

6. It's in the bag

If you partner stops by your place, and brings an overnight bag, that's a sign he or she really likes you (or that your bed is just way more comfortable.)

7. The big sick

We all feel gross when we're sick, lying in bed, coughing and sneezing, with a little wastepaper basket nearby incase we have to puke and can't make it the bathroom in time. If your partner's not serious, he'll just text "get well soon!" with a heart emoji. But f you're partner's serious, he'll stop by your germ-infested apartment, bring you soup (or a pizza), and keep you company.

8. Family friendly (and friend friendly)

If your partner's down to hang out with your crazy family, and endure some painfully awkward conversations hanging out over the holidays, that's a sign you're "super serial." Also, if your partner's friends send you friend requests on Facebook, they obviously like you, and see long term potential in your relationship as well.

If your partner does any of these things, it's a sign that your relationship is serious. And if doesn't work out, no worries, you can anyways start swiping right on mobile dating apps. After all, there are millions of options out there, and someone is bound to take a relationship with you seriously. And if not, just get a cat. Cats are fun.