9 Hints that your relationship could be coming to an end

9 Hints that your relationship could be coming to an end

Likely one of the hardest things to deal with in a relationship is deciphering whether a red flag is a genuine thing to worry about or if it's just some flare up of your own paranoia or insecurities. On top of that, if you do have some problems with your partner, does it spell doom or is it simply one of those bumps along the road that all couples go through?

Through a number of sources, including a Reddit thread that asked the same question, we created a list of telltale signs that your relationship may be nearing its end. Each and every couple have their own unique traits, so it's always best to value communication first, but if you some of these you may want to take a closer look at the relationship.

1. They have been acting distant

If you find that suddenly the text replies you receive from your other half are half-assed and they don't have time to take your calls, there might be something wrong. People interact with each other differently, but it's not a good sign if there's a consistent reduced effort made by your partner to contact you, or vice versa.

2. Less intimacy

While you might tend to associate this with sex, it's not the only thing that can change as a relationship is deteriorating. If you find basic couple physical contact is happening less and less, be it kisses on the cheek or holding hands, there might be a deeper problem.

3. You spend less time together

If you spend far less time together because they're always busy, they keep cancelling plans, or if you feel like you're not their first priority anymore, it could be an issue. While relationships tend to fluctuate in this regard, it can be a good pointer to the distance developing between you.

4. If you have to get drunk to have a good time together

This might not be a problem for most couples, but if you find your time together is becoming more and more based around what alcohol or drugs you take, it sounds as if there's not enough passion to entertain you both when you're sober.

5. Fantasizing about a life without them

While even the healthiest of relationships are prone to flights of fancy, if you find yourself having in-depth fantasies about your life would be like if you were dating other people, your future with your partner is not as bright as it once was.

6. If you think of talking to them as a chore

While this seems obvious, you'll be surprised how many people keep going in relationships where the prospect of a call at the end of the day becomes frustrating rather than something to look forward to.

7. Their quirks become irritating

We all get irritable from time to time, but when you find that the things that you used to find cute about your partner are now annoying the hell out of you, or vice versa, it likely says more about the relationship than it does any specific quirk.

8. Apathy

You find that the things that used to make your partner, or you both, excited, no longer matter to you. Even if these are only small things, they can show an overall attitude towards each other that is more negative than positive.

9. When you stop fighting

While you might associate big arguments with break-ups, it's when you stop arguing over serious issues that things can take a downturn. If either are you are giving up on these necessary conversations because you think it isn't worth it, your lack of dedication and care for the relationship may be dwindling.

This is by no means an exact science, and there are plenty of couples out there that will be exception to the entries on this list, but when numerous people come across those hints again and again, it might be worth a second look.

Even if it is the end, there is some optimism to be had for the future - just check out this list of reasons why relationships that failed will lead to a successful one.