Army veteran suffering from PTSD delivers his own daughter on the sidewalk

Army veteran suffering from PTSD delivers his own daughter on the sidewalk

In what is quite possibly the most incredible show of strength and bravery, a veteran who suffers from such severe PTSD after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan that he is considered 100 percent disabled, has helped deliver his own daughter on a public walkway.

Marcus Nash, 30, from Atlanta, said that his fiance Charlie, 32, woke up on the morning of November 14 complaining of severe back pain that was causing her to sweat profusely. According to Marcus, it took Charlie nearly two hours to get dressed in order to go to the emergency room and as they headed down the stairs of their apartment, Charlie clenched Marcus' arm and lowered to the concrete before ordering him to take off her pants.

Marcus says that once he had removed the pants, he saw a full head of hair and shoulders, putting the PTSD suffering veteran in a high-anxiety situation that he handled seamlessly.

"PTSD was way far away. I wasn't angry - it was nowhere to be found," he said.

The girl was delivered on the sidewalk just three days before her due date at a healthy weight of seven pounds 14 ounces.

The parents name the girl Marlee Jane and Marcus even did the honors of cutting the umbilical cord with scissors that were provided by neighbors who were in their home when they heard the commotion outside.

Speaking to Fox News, Cardena Williamson, Marcus and Charlie's neighbour said: "I had my wife run upstairs and get blankets and towels to keep the baby warm and keep the mommy warm."

Amazingly, despite the D.I.Y birth, when they ambulance arrived, they found that there were no complications with the baby. The biggest concern that the crew had was that the scissors which were used to cut the cord were not sterilized, but that proved to be unproblematic.

According to Marcus, the ambulance crew were astonished to learn that he was a disabled veteran who was suffering from PTSD. The first-time father had served in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2008 - 2013. During a psychological evaluation in 2014, Marcus was diagnosed with PTSD and is now considered to be 100 percent disabled.

It is believed that 20 percent of veterans who have served in Iraq suffer from PTSD. The disorder is characterized by a failure to recover after experiencing or witness a traumatic event. For some veterans it could last for months, others it can last for years and bring back memories of the trauma accompanied by intense emotional and physical reactions.

For Marcus, he said she usually experience high-levels of anger during situations that involved stress regarding his family or his finances. However, despite the stressful nature of delivering his own baby into the world, it didn't trigger an angry episode from the veteran. Marcus says that the delivery was a moment of high-excitement, rather than high-anxiety.

The father now uses music therapy and sings to channel his PTSD. He is focusing on his music career as an RnB singer instead of taking medication. Speaking about the birth of their new baby girl, the couple said that it is "a story that we will never forget."

All plaudits must go to Marcus for being able to deliver a child on the sidewalk and we wish the family all the best for the future.