Bumble users reveal the best ways to be more successful on the popular dating app

Bumble users reveal the best ways to be more successful on the popular dating app

In the world of online dating, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Apps such as Tinder and Bumble are inundated with people who 'like travelling' and are 'bubbly', which makes it seems like the entire population of the world is incessantly boring. However, if you are looking to take a deep dive into this dark and callous world, the guys over at Bumble do have a few tips for you.

Bumble, for the record, is like Tinder but for people who are not rabidly horny. While Tinder is a domain full of unsolicited d**k pics and copious amount of winky-faced innuendo, Bumble is for people who actually want to chat before going out and having multiple awkward martinis. The app, which is now one of the most popular dating apps in the world, puts women in control and allows them to start the conversation. So, what is the key to Bumble success? Take a look below.

1. Women get more dates than men

On average, men make eight matches a month compared to women, who make 10.

2. Six is the magic number

Despite what De La Soul may say, six is the magic number when it comes to online dating. While it may be tempting to fall into the 'less is more' way of thinking, it turns out the more pics you have, the better.

3. Get GIFfy with it

Opening lines on dating apps are scary, so let a GIF do the talking for you. Who doesn't love a GIF? Nobody, that's who. Open up with a GIF and then a message that is 10 to 15 words long.

4. Friday I'm in love

Maybe it's because we're seven margaritas down by this point, but if you use Bumble on Friday or Saturday, you're more likely to get a date. Be warned, however, Monday blues are a real thing and users of Bumble are more picky on a Monday than any other day.

5. Sunday Funday

While Fridays may lead to date, statistics show that the majority of us spend the most time on Bumble on Sunday. Most likely hungover in bed while chowing down on a pizza. Y'know, when you look your best.

6. It's all about timing

What's the best time to send your hilarious GIF? 8-10pm. This is because, in the evening, people are usually slumped on their couch doing a spot of perusing. Don't fire a message over during working hours, that's just weird

So there you have it, six steps to being a successful Bumble user. Now, get out there and enjoy yourself.

Happy dating!