Cheating drama plays out on public college Snapchat

Cheating drama plays out on public college Snapchat

The internet is a beautiful thing. It allows us to communicate with friends and family across the globe, stream our favourite movies and TV shows whenever we want, and - most importantly - expose cheaters in the most gloriously satisfying way possible.

This week, a student from the ATI School in Ohio found himself in hot water after he was caught sending suggestive messages to someone via Snapchat. The student, identified only as 'AJ' in his earliest messages, quickly went viral after screenshots of his conversation with another student were shared to The Buckeye's public Snapchat story.

It began as a low-key call-out. Just a simple screenshot of AJ's not-so-subtle suggestion that the recipient of the message could stay at his place if she wanted - even though he has a girlfriend:

But it began to escalate when other AJs began fearing that they would be incriminated by one student's poor choices:

A wave of AJs came flooding in, each of them pleading for the one bad egg to be revealed:

And lo, the original sender did deliver:

Now the true AJ has been revealed, we can put this matter to rest - right? Wrong.

Those that had been following the drama decided it was too good to just let it end there, and instead found his Instagram...

His Facebook...

And his girl.

But this was only just beginning.

It turns out that the Buckeye Snapchat account also has Twitter:

And boy, do they know how to meme:

The tweets quickly drew a lot of attention, prompting responses from people across the state:

And the country:

And, most impressively, the world:

Yes, everybody, the notorious AJ literally got owned by someone standing on the highest point of planet Earth. Amazing.

Well, after that roller coaster of a story, I think two things have become very clear: 1) cheating is dumb, and 2) letting evidence of said cheating get leaked onto social media is even dumber. But thanks anyway, AJ, for providing us with such great entertainment.