Cheating white supremacist is caught and removed from dating app

Cheating white supremacist is caught and removed from dating app

Hello everyone. Today, I am asking you to imagine being the wife of Jack Posobiec. Imagine being the wife of a key figure in the so-called "alt-lite" movement (alt-righters who claim that they're not neo-nazis). Imagine, if you can, being married to the man who started 'Pizzagate': a conspiracy theory that believes that the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington was being used by Democrats and celebrities to run a child sex ring. Imagine spending your life with the guy who held "Rape Melania" and "Assassinate Trump" signs at anti-Trump rallies in an attempt to smear the left. Yeah, it wouldn't be great, would it?

Now, imagine that on top of all of that, it turns out that Jack Posbiec is a cheater.

That's right folks, Posobiec has been caught trying to do the dirty and has been outed in the most spectacular manner. The Nazi troll was 'spotted' on the dating app Bumble by social engineer Lindsey Ledford and was swiftly reported to the company.

Bumble is known as the "feminist Tinder" of the dating world due to the fact that women initiate the conversation, thereby eliminating the chance of weird harassment dudes popping up and beginning conversations with a much-appreciated 'd**k pic'. Understandably, Lindsey wasn't too impressed to see Jack's smug face appear on her phone and took to Twitter to teach both Bumble, and the general public, a lesson.

Taking to her profile, Lindsey uploaded some images of Jack's account, in which he lists himself as "Polish/Scandanavian [sic]' and wrote:

"is @bumble_app still a feminist dating app or the place where white nationalists/nazis go to cheat on their wives?"

Lindsey then followed up the initial post with a series of tweets, posting her exchange with Bumble as well as sharing plenty of articles about Posobiec.

Bumble didn't seem to keen on the idea of Posobiec being on the app and swiftly deleted his account altogether, saying:

"We are so grateful to you, Lindsey, for bringing this to our attention. Our team has removed Jack from our platform. Bumble was founded on the core values of kindness, respect, integrity and equality, and we do not tolerate anyone who does not uphold these values on our platform.

"Bumble has a strong stance against hate, and our team will continue to do our very best to maintain our platform as a safe, inclusive, and empowering place. Thank you so much for helping us protect the Hive!"

However, since the story broke, Posobiec has claimed that it was not him on the app, saying: “That’s clearly some troll. I have a hot Eastern European wife, as everyone knows.” He adds, “This certainly isn’t the first time someone has created a fake account to smear a conservative celebrity.”

But there is another twist to the tale. According to Buzzfeed, Bumble confirmed that Posobiec's account was linked to his Facebook page, making it pretty likely that it was him just being a slimeball, not someone else.

So, if you're thinking about marrying a white supremacist: don't. Not only are they a white supremacist, but they are more committed to their ridiculous ideology than they are to their relationships.