Here are the most common methods of communication that cheaters use

Here are the most common methods of communication that cheaters use

Despite the fact most of us (I hope) seem to know that cheating is a terrible thing to do, it is still extremely prolific amongst those in relationships. One mistake can still do a lot of damage, but is potentially forgivable for some. Yet there are people out there who structure and plan their dalliances.

The fact that some people keep affairs going for months or years without being honest or calling things off is bewildering, but some people clearly find a way to lock feelings of guilt or shame deep in a hidden corner of their brains so they can continue to function. But if they are going to communicate with one person without the knowledge of their partner, how do they do it?

Infamous dating website Ashley Madison, which specialises in affairs, conducted a survey with 1,500 members to find out the most commonly-used forms of communication in affairs.

5. Secret phone

Even though this is a fairly expensive option, there were still 11 per cent that communicate with the object of their forbidden affections. You've got to wonder how much it's worth it, when you've got to hide a second phone from your partner while keeping it charged too.

4. Social media

18 percent of the survey said they use social media. While it is easy to use, trying to keep your accounts secret without accidentally using the wrong one is bound to go wrong at some point.

3. Dating websites

Even though it was a dating website that conducted this survey, only 20 percent said that they used it to communicate once they found someone to sneak around with.

2. Email

This might seem a little outdated, but that may be why it's so popular - it's not like your partner would expect you to go to your emails first. 40 percent of those surveyed said they have used email to contact their partners, which is pretty secure when you realise you can password lock it and keep specific folders.

1. Smart phones

A whopping 56 percent of people listed smart phones as their way of communicating with their secret partner, which is the most accessible way to do it even if it is risky. Speaking to Bustle, relationship Chris Armstrong explained how you can spot someone using this method. "One clue is that their cell phone will be glued to their hands," he said. "And their text and call history will always be clean."

I think the major take-away here is that while those having affairs have made the decision to live a secretive life, it doesn't necessarily mean they'll be good at it. I mean, with 56 percent of them simply using their smartphones to communicate, you would think that plenty of them get caught out at some point.

H/T: Bustle