This couple accidentally revealed way more than they meant to in their engagement photo

This couple accidentally revealed way more than they meant to in their engagement photo

Announcing your engagement to your friends and families is one of those moments in life that many of us dream of doing. Some people choose to do it in an understated manner, inviting their loved ones around for dinner and only revealing it to those close to them. Others prefer to be more public with their announcements. If like me, you are in your mid-twenties and spend a lot of time on the internet, it's more than likely that your Facebook and Instagram feeds are awash with people from your high school getting engaged and having children. Sometimes it's nauseatingly cute, other times it's cringe-worthy and on some occasions, it's just downright strange - like this.

When one couple posted their engagement on Facebook, they unintentionally revealed a little bit more information than they initially intended.

Miranda Levy posted the photo of her and her spouse on her Facebook account to all of her friends and family explaining how she was "truly blessed" to announce that she was set to marry the "love of [her life]."

The bride-to-be went on to explain how she didn't have a real ring quite yet, but that she knows that the couple will be happy together "regardless of material things". However, unbeknownst to Miranda and her groom in waiting, the accompanying photo revealed a bigger piece of news that they hadn't seemingly been meaning to reveal. The hilarity of the mistake and the comments that followed lead to her photo and the comments beneath being shared online by people who couldn't quite believe what they were seeing.

One keen-eyed commenter, called John Gonzales, was quick to notice something peculiar in the bottom left-hand corner of the photo, commenting: "is that what I think it is in the corner?"

Others were also quick to notice the object in question, with Miranda's dad seemingly commenting: "Honey, you should call us. Your mother is confused."

Take another look at the image and see if you can spot the object that is occupying everyone's minds.

At first it seemed like Miranda didn't understand what all the fuss was about, with the woman in question asking "Wait... wtf are you guys talking about? Why would you think that?" before quickly coming to her senses, by simply stating: "Oh."

Yep, in the bottom left-hand corner of Miranda's photo was a pregnancy test. Seeing as there was no way of escaping the glaring white box, she was quick to rectify the issue, saying "Hey guys, we're having a baby too."


So, an engagement and pregnancy announcement all in one go? This is all a bit too much for us to handle. Or, was it just an elaborate prank by the couple to see if anyone would pick up on the test? I mean, who announces their impending wedding by sitting in a dimly lit room on the sofa? Whatever the case, we wish the couple well in the future. That is, if they are real?