Divorce selfies are this year's Instagram trend

Divorce selfies are this year's Instagram trend

As everybody knows, the true purpose of social media is to rub your own happiness in everybody else's face. Got a new car? Better tell those people you haven't spoken to since high school. Promoted at work? Twitter needs to hear about this. Married the love of your life? It ain't official until it's on your Insta story.

I mean, if you don't post pictures of you and your bae to Facebook at least three times a day, are you even IN a relationship?

But not all relationship posts are positive ones. While some people are turning their snapchat stories into virtual shrines of their partners, others are using Instagram to announce the end of their relationships. No, this isn't some kind of Black Mirror-style parody of 2017, it's real life.

Here are just some of the (un)happy couples celebrating the end of an era - and hopefully the start of a new one.

1. "Seems appropriate because nothing we've ever done is normal"

2. Because nothing says Happy Valentines Day like "I'm leaving you forever"

3. These guys look happier than most married couples I know

4. Check out those ring(less) fingers

5. They've got the papers to prove it

6. #byefelicia

7. Jokes aside, it's great to see people putting their kids first

8. Equal marriage = equal divorce

9. Happiest day of their lives

10. They've got the champagne and everything

11. Because what do you do straight after a divorce? Grab a coffee, of course

12. This guy brought his new partner along to the proceedings

13. "Bittersweet" about sums it up

14.  #GameOver

But, hey - who says romance is dead?