This family's Christmas card is the most brutal season's greeting ever

This family's Christmas card is the most brutal season's greeting ever

It is now officially the most wonderful time of the year. That's right, folks - Christmas is on the horizon. The air is getting colder and the nights are now long and dark.

But, as is the case with this time of year, spirits are high. The Christmas lights have crawled their way up the front of houses across the country, and trees are beginning to erect themselves in windows, yards and offices up and down the land. Mariah Carey's bank account is beginning to chime to the sound of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and Michael Bublé is defrosting himself after a year out in the cold. Christmas is here, and it's a time to be joyful, charitable and loving.

It's also, as it seems in one family, a time to be completely savage.

As is a tradition in some families, Christmas brings with it a cringe-worthy family photo shoot to go on some custom made Christmas cards. My mom's done it, my grandparents do it, and a host of other families in my area do it. Quite why people want an updated photo of my family, looking stupid in floppy Santa hats and wearing stomach-churning Christmas jumpers, I'm not quite sure. But hey, it's kinda cute I guess.

But while the majority of us line up for our family photos with pretend smiles and fine-tuned posing, one family decided to do something quite different.

Meet Emily Seawright. Emily's family, like a lot of families, decided to do their annual Christmas card shoot this weekend in order to get ready for the incoming festive season. However, rather than just pose nicely and wish their neighbours a "Merry Christmas", Emily's family decided to produce the most brutal Christmas card ever.

Pictured on the card are:  Emily's parents, holding up a sign that says "Excited," a couple who are "engaged," another couple who are "expecting," and finally... Emily. Holding a sign that says, well, "Emily."

Apparently, the Seawrights couldn't come up with another way to sum up their daughters status, so they just used her name instead. Surely something like 'Elegant', 'Excellent' or even 'Exotic' would've been better? But no, the Seawrights decided to just savagely wreck their daughter.

Unsurprisingly given the hilarious nature of the photo, it has now gone viral on Twitter, receiving over 40,000 retweets and over 250,000 favourites. Plenty of people have been quick to comment on the picture, with many users saying that they are "Emily".

There were also some other fantastic attempts at a similar joke by other families, like this one.

However, my personal favourite has to go to the following.

While this is no doubt a fantastic idea from the Seawrights, it's also completely savage on their daughter. That said, we can all relate to being an Emily - and maybe she's started a new term for being the only single person in a room full of couples. Happy Holidays to all the Emilys out there, we hope you have a good one!