This is the first thing guys actually notice when they meet a woman

This is the first thing guys actually notice when they meet a woman

Gentlemen, listen here for a second - I'm gonna set the scene. You're in a crowded bar, the music is loud, and the drinks are flowing. You're young, free and single, and you're on the lookout for your future wife. What's your preferred method of seduction? Do you approach someone one-on-one, or do you play it safe and take a few of your buddies over to a group of attractive young women?

Personally, I opt for awkwardly standing at the bar drinking the most masculine option I can find of the cocktail menu... No wonder it took me so long to find someone.

Back to business though. Famous TV sitcoms and conventional wisdom will tell you that men always end up staring at something they shouldn't. However, what if everyone is wrong, and men aren't the sex-driven perverts that they are made out to be? Is it possible that we aren't all like Joey from Friends? Well, it seems like there may now be an answer.

Men's Health asked more than 6,000 of their Twitter followers where their eyes go when they first catch sight of a woman - and the result might surprise a few people.

That's right folks, 38% of men actually look at a lady's face when they first meet! Good news for all the gentlemen out there I'm sure. Sadly though, these stats do mean that a whopping 62% of guys stare at bums, boobs and legs before they've even offered to buy someone a drink. For shame men, for shame!

Another study carried out by Kodak Lens Vision Centres found that the average man will spend almost 43 minutes a day staring at 10 different women. That amounts to 259 hours - almost 11 days - each year, making a total of 11 months and 11 days between the ages of 18 and 50. Shocking really.

But, before all the men reading this pluck out their guilty eyes with a fountain pen, it turns out that women aren't totally clean. A similar study found that women are pretty bad themselves when on holiday. On the beach, women's eyes first drift to a guy's abs, then his face, then his arms. Funnily enough, though, girls don't ogle a guy's package - because there has to be a line somewhere.

Ok, let's face it - we're all pretty guilty of staring at things we shouldn't.

As a guy, however, it is refreshing to learn that not everyone is playing up to that awful stereotype about leering guys in bars. Personally, I find there is nothing sexier than a girl with beautiful eyes and a killer smile - so maybe if we keep our eyes up and focus on that, we'd all be a little happier? Just a thought.