Girl creates tinder profile with pics that 'get uglier if you keep scrolling'

Girl creates tinder profile with pics that 'get uglier if you keep scrolling'

With there being over seven and a half billion people in the world, it's getting increasingly difficult for individuals to stand out. I mean, even if you're 'one in a million', that still means that there are about 7500 other people in the world who are exactly the same as you.

This problem becomes particularly troublesome when it comes to the world of Tinder. It's so easy just to swipe left on somebody without giving them a second thought, and, unless you're lucky enough to have been blessed with a flawlessly-beautiful appearance, you'll probably just blend in with everyone else after a while.

However, one 19-year-old Tinder user found a genius way to set herself apart.

The girl, who has not been named, disclosed nothing about herself in her bio, and instead included one line: 'My photos get uglier if you keep scrolling'. How can you refuse taking a look after that?

So that's the first picture. As far as profiles go, I'd say this is a really good choice. She's smiling, you can tell her personality, and she hasn't done that thing where there's like twelve people in one picture and you have to scroll through the whole album to work out who is the common denominator in all the photos.

But then it starts to go downhill.

Honestly, I don't think this is bad. Yeah, the squinting is a little awkward, and she does sort of look like she wants the picture to be done with IMMEDIATELY, but I have far worse pictures of myself that my mother has chosen to hang in her living room, so it's not the worst thing ever.

Ok, now we're getting to the good stuff. Between the face paint, the disgruntled expression, and the awkward side neck-roll, I can't really decide what the best (or worst) part of this picture is. But, you know what, it shows she likes to party. Or does it show she hates to party? At the very least, she committed to the party. And who doesn't like that in a woman?

Oh boy - where to start? Again, we've got some strong neck-roll presence and an, uh, unconventional expression, but we also seem to have some sort of murderous intent going on here. Like, I firmly believe that, if you woke in the night to this, it's probably the last thing you'd ever see.

But there's still one more.

And here it is. Full chin, excellent raincoat attire, and a pose that says 'you know you want this'. I don't know about you, but I'd definitely have swiped right for that snap alone. It's so ugly it's beautiful.

Well, they say a picture speaks a thousand words - but I think these say a whole lot more than that. Not only do they show that this girl is cool and confident, they also show that she's different. And in a world where there's thousands of others who are just like you, that speaks volumes.