This girl rewrote her Instagram captions to expose her cheating ex

This girl rewrote her Instagram captions to expose her cheating ex

When an entire lifetime is chronicled in its fidelity online, the digital record becomes itself a public record of memory. No matter what happens to you, a good portion of it, particularly relationships, will be preserved online for all of eternity, whether you wish for it to exist or not. Short of deleting your Instagram, there is no way to absolve this public memory of a past relationship. It remains, eternal. At least, unless you edit it.

If you return to your timeline with a fine-toothed comb and serve away all the bad memories, you can excavate a relationship and replace its bones with something else entirely. You can force in foresight, and create an alternative past where the bliss of ignorance never existed, and all along you knew that a particular person or time in your life was a disaster. You can literally rewrite your own public memories, until the present looking back at the past replaces the past entirely. What, then, becomes of authentic human experience?

This woman, whose name has been blurred to protect her anonymity, did exactly that. Returning to her Instagram in the wreckage of a bad relationship, she worked to scrub away the past and replace it with her new understanding.

"The girl he banged in high school came to visit 2 weeks after this pic was taken and he told me I would just have to deal with it."

That's not the worst, however:

"He was actively receiving and screenshotting nudes from a whore on tinder the same day and lied to me about it."

Her boyfriend was at the very least unfaithful in spirit, right? So she went back and rewrote her time with him to make it fit the now.

"We finally made it to riverhead to go berry picking (where my car broke down and he just yelled at me)."

Yelling at your girlfriend for her car breaking down seems a bit impotent to me.

"This was the first time his family heard about me even though we had been TG (together?) since October."

He also apparently kept her as a secret, not exactly promising for his fidelity to their relationship.

"Great day, but he still sucks."

Even a good day was pretty much ruined by this guy.

Of course, good for her for reclaiming her past. Yet, there are two strands of self-inflicted misery underlying this story that we probably all do to ourselves. Why pose for fake photos and pretend to have an ideal life for Instagram even when that very day there is conflict that could clearly signal the end of the relationship? Any relationship founded on such a bad private life and such a fake public life seems to be a sickness in and of itself. The optics are not worth the pain, are they?

Additionally, editing one's Instagram captions to revise the relationship just reinforces this totally social media centric lifestyle, as if the public record can change her own internal record. From my perspective, these two were obsessed with social media to a destructive fault. But that's hardly new.

What do you think?