Groom plays video to expose unfaithful bride on their wedding day

Groom plays video to expose unfaithful bride on their wedding day

I'm lucky enough to not have been cheated on in any of my relationships, but I have met plenty of people who have gone through the horrible process of discovering your other half has betrayed you, and dealing with the aftermath. That kind of heartbreak is never going to go smoothly, and while many just break up after this kind of thing, it can last a lot longer for others.

Yet there are some who aren't able to let it go, or even walk away. Some people want revenge on the person that hurt them, and will go to great lengths to get it done. You may have heard stories about this before, but it likely wasn't as dramatic as this one, wherein the groom revealed his wife's infidelity to their friends, family, and colleagues who had gathered to celebrate their relationship.

That's right, he exposed her cheating habits during their wedding.

Local media such as website Zaobao have reported that the Singapore couple were watching a wedding video when the truth was revealed. The wedding began with a montage of their relationship, before it cut to a video of the wife-to-be entering a hotel room with another man. During the video the bride ran out of the room in embarrassment.

The husband, a wealthy businessman from the area, hired private detective Ms Zhuo to check his wife's movements before the big day. Zhuo, from AJAX Investigation and Security Services, told Zaobao that around 70 percent of her clients come to her with suspicions of cheating, but this was one of the more memorable cases.

She followed his fiancee for around six weeks to see if she could spot any dubious behaviour or activities before she discovered any dirt on the woman. After discovering she had been cheating, she planned and successfully captured video footage of a second meeting.

"They went up to the room together but one of them left first before the other," she told Zaobao, "However, they both came out of the same room". It's not hard to guess what happened in there.

Apparently, Ms. Zhuo advised him to break off the marriage, but instead, he decided to blow things up in a much more dramatic way.

"At the wedding dinner when they began playing the flashback videos of the bride and groom's love story, there was a nasty surprise waiting for the cheating bride."

"Halfway through the sweet video, suddenly the groom played the footage of the bride cheating on him in front of everyone present."

"The bride was so embarrassed and humiliated when she saw the video that she ran off".

While the PI said she understood the groom's motivations, you can't help but think he could have called things off in a much less over-the-top way. Imagine being a guest at that wedding – it would have been the most awkward day of your life.