This gross habit is actually really good for your relationship

This gross habit is actually really good for your relationship

If you're a female, born into the Millennial generation, chances are you've viewed a rather iconic episode of Sex and The City multiple times. The episode I am referring to is, of course, the one where Carrie (the all-pervasive voice of a generation) freaks out after passing wind in front of her long-reining love interest, Mr. Big.

Many a woman could emphasise with her ensuing plight; "Is it all over now?" Carrie pondered, cigarette in hand, wearing down the New York side streets in a pair of newly minted Manolo Blahnik's - purchased to help her cope with the emotional trauma of farting in front of her maybe-boyfriend.

But alas, common sense prevailed. Mr. Big, being a typical man, didn't notice and when Carrie later informed him of what happened, he just laughed. And so they carried on with their low-key emotionally abusive relationship for a few more years.

Yes, while Carrie's reaction was rather dramatic (you can't justify buying $300+ shoes for something like that), we do get it. In the honeymoon stage of a relationship, the last thing you want is to be anything less than beguiling; an enigma that smells decidedly like roses, not the curry which you ate last night.

However, as it turns out, there may be some benefits to letting go and farting in front of your significant other. Who would have known, eh?

Those who are newly in a relationship will refrain from acknowledging that the object of their desire even uses the bathroom, let alone burps or passes wind. But scientific research claims that it might be a good thing if couples were more open with each other about such bodily functions.

In 2016, Mic surveyed 125 people and discovered that in the majority of cases, people waited between two to six months before farting in front of their partner.

While this may seem to be too long or not long enough for some, half admitted to openly farting in front of their significant other. And within that percentage, a little over a fifth of respondents did so after just a few weeks of being with their boyfriend or girlfriend. A rather substantial quarter, however, were a little more conservative and chose to wait between six months to a year.

Only seven percent of those surveyed said that they had never, ever passed wind in front of their significant other. Furthermore, the researchers found that one third of participants said that it's acceptable to fart in front of your significant partner once you start regularly staying the night at theirs.

However, as most would expect, there were some discrepancies between the sexes when it came to this divisive subject. A whopping 73 percent of women said that they'd wait for their partner to break the barrier first, before being more open about their own bodily functions.

The study did have a rather heartening discovery, however, that farting openly means that you enjoy a comfortable relationship with your significant other. You see, it's not that bad, Carrie.