Guy cries watching his 'feminist girlfriend' flirt with another man

Guy cries watching his 'feminist girlfriend' flirt with another man

In our modern era, there still exist some relationship tragedies worth telling. The classic case of the 'cuck', the alt-right's premier insult in defense of Donald Trump, has caught on culturally. The concept of a man whose girlfriend is sleeping with other men drives stakes of fear into the hearts of millions - it's the worst fate possible. That is, unless you enjoy it, which is where the term comes from - a preference for watching your significant other sleep with other men.

At any rate, one doughy poor bloke faced up to this sad fact on a YouTube show called To Catch a Cheater. It starts off comically enough, with the man complaining that "She's like stopped giving me bl*wjobs, she started doing all this feminist shit, like cut off her hair, like she just stopped shaving." It's a pretty hilarious opener. Sounds like you guys are growing apart.

So, they set up an actor to come by his girlfriend while she's studying - women's studies, to be exact. The attractive actor says "I love women" in response, which, let's be honest here, is complete cringe. His looks are all that are saving him at this point.

But, from that point on is where it gets good.

The actor asks her if she wants to model, and says that he's starting a law firm. He claims he went to Harvard (lol) and covers sexual harassment law, saying Harvey Weinstein is "not a good guy", hitting all the right but predictable notes. It's pretty much a generic attempt to 4-d chess a women's studies major into liking you. It probably won't work unless you look handsome, have a law firm, and claim you went to Harvard. Finally, he asks her if she has a boyfriend, to which she replies: "It's an open relationship." Ouch.

At this point, the actor is pretty much stealing the original guy's girlfriend. It looks like they've been drifting apart for a while, and honestly, how could they not? Once you're on a show called To Catch a Cheater, it's pretty clear that something's gonna go down. She starts poking the actor's muscles, and agrees to give him her number.

He asks her if she wants to work out after some drinks, to which she says that she likes a guy who is pretty forward. She says she likes a guy who is aggressive and takes what he wants, which honestly, pretty much shows that being a passive male feminist is a stupid dating strategy and nobody likes it, not even feminists.

Then, it gets weird. A lady walks by who says she's with the mafia, and says that she knows the actor has a girlfriend. It gets awkward, so the actor leaves. And then the original dude starts crying. Oh, he cries.

The dude cries, saying:

"That was quick. I just can’t f*cking believe it man. She’s like a totally different person man. She shouldn’t let him sit down, like, f*cking talking like that. ‘She told me she was a f*cking virgin when I met her. Stop filming me please dude.’"

Well, I guess when you feel like your relationship isn't working, you should just call it quits instead of going on To Catch a Cheater.