Guy is spooked after pictures of him cheating appear on nightclub's Facebook page

Guy is spooked after pictures of him cheating appear on nightclub's Facebook page

First things first: you shouldn't be cheating. Cheating is the lowest thing you can do to your partner. If you don't want to be with someone, don't be with them. It's as simple as that. And if you are going to cheat, don't be so stupid that you get caught on camera by your local nightclub.

Welcome to Bolton, a place in the North of England famous for being the biggest town in the country (with 261,000 citizens), and inventing the ice-cream wafer sandwich. Bolton is not exactly a place known for its nightlife, however, one post regarding a rather steamy session at a nightclub called "Level" went viral on Facebook after a man who cheated on his girlfriend was pictured doing the deed.

Level nightclub like to post photos of people having the time of their lives at their establishment on Facebook, and one particular photo drew a certain amount of attention.

You know the type of photo I'm talking about, the type with a flash so bright that it literally makes you look absolutely horrific, despite the fact you thought you looked pretty good when you left the house. The type of photo that features you and your friends against a blurry back drop of drunken dancers and spilled alcohol. The type of photo that features you, in all your vodka-induced glory, snogging your ex-girlfriend behind the back of your current partner.

This is what happened to an anonymous young man, who woke up after his night out to find that he had been snapped getting off with his ex-girlfriend and desperately pleaded with the nightclub to remove the photo. Sliding into the club's DM's, the man said:

"Hi, I'm gonna be honest, got a bit messy last nite and you've this photo of me wit my ex bird. If ma current bird sees it she'll physically hospitalise me. please please please can ya delete it asap. Cheers".

Whoever runs the social media account for Level obviously has a sense of humour, responding to the man and seemingly blackmailing him:

"Drop off 10 grand cash and a pack of Haribo Tangfastics at the club before 6pm otherwise I'm making it the profile pic for the clubs page".

The man in question most likely soiled his pants at this point, saying that he is "in bits here". Luckily for him, the club took sympathy on his situation and deleted the photo, calling the man a "dirty dawggg" in the process.

However, not letting him getting away completely scot free, the club uploaded a screenshot of the exchange onto their Facebook account saying "Good night was it then pal?!" No doubt that every boy that was in Level that night will have received a grilling from their girlfriend the next day, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if this guy was eventually caught out.

Let that be a lesson to you all: cheating is never the answer. And if you do cheat, it is more than likely that it will come round and bite you in the ass one day.