Here's how to always impress on a first date and have great sex, according to science

Here's how to always impress on a first date and have great sex, according to science

Dating and relationships can be hard, and most of us have experienced the anxiety and mild panic attacks that come from not having a single about clue what you're doing. Of course, that's because every person and every relationship is different, and it's something most of us learn as we go.

But lucky for us, has just released their annual Singles in America survey, which means you can take a lot of the guesswork out of that next date with your someone special. This is the eighth survey of its kind, which is based on data and information provided by over 5,000 singletons in the US. It's their largest survey to date, and the information inside contains some very juicy details indeed. Here are four of the main takeaways from how to always impress on a first date to how to have great sex.

1. Sure-fire ways to always impress on a first date

An almost unanimous consensus of 94 per cent of women said that you should always compliment her appearance on the first date. 90 per cent want you to be there ahead of time, waiting for her to arrive. 84 per cent want a hug hello, and 71 per cent a kiss on the cheek. 91 per cent want to you insist on paying the bill (although come on gals, split it if you can).

As to what not to do – don't check your phone (90 per cent hate it), don't order food for them (despised by 68 per cent), and dear god don't be rude to waiters (38 per cent hate this). Keep this all in mind and you should find yourselves with a second date.

2. Redefining "dating"

The survey provided some interesting new terms ("not dating, but not not dating") for the dating game, and it showed that before a real relationship, 40 per cent of singles had a "hanging out" relationship, 55 per cent had a "friends with benefits" relationship, and 69 per cent were just ready to get right into it and have a "proper" relationship. Looks like most of us still prefer a no-fuss kind of deal.

Inviting them to your place

If you're at the stage of inviting someone in, 79 percent will be turned off if you don't have internet (who are you?!) while 91 per cent consider a clean bathroom a turn on, and 90 per cent appreciate clean sheets. You've got some housework to do!

What's sexy and what's not

During sex, both genders said that being caring (83 per cent), enthusiastic (83 per cent), having good communication (78 per cent), being a good kisser (76 per cent) and reaching orgasm (75 per cent) were the five most important "ingredients" for good sex. 52 per cent of men didn't like doing it with the lights on, while 68 per cent of women said they considered sex with no foreplay bad. Be passionate, don't talk too much and make sure you're giving it as much effort as your partner and you should both finish satisfied.

But don't despair if you think you think you need to up your game. Turns out that only 14 per cent will ditch the relationship if the first time you have sex is rubbish, and that the best is yet to come anyway – the survey says the best age for sex is 66 for women and 64 for men. Woohoo!

Now go forth with your new knowledge and use it wisely.