Lonely widower who left a heartbreaking note in a supermarket receives hundreds of Christmas dinner invites

Lonely widower who left a heartbreaking note in a supermarket receives hundreds of Christmas dinner invites

Christmas is meant to be a time that is spent with friends and family spreading festive cheer, overeating an absolutely disgusting amount of food, and drinking an incessant amount of alcohol. It's not a time that is meant to be spent alone but, unfortunately, this is the sad reality for plenty of people across the world. In the UK alone, 350,000 old people are set to spend Christmas alone, which is a statistic that is absolutely heartbreaking.

Christmas can be a crippling time for the older generation, with it being hard for them to see everyone around them spending time with their family and spouses, while they spend it on their own. If an older person has lost their spouse, or they don't have any family near them, the festive season can be one of sadness, rather than happiness.

This was certainly the case for one elderly widower in Berlin, who couldn't face the idea of spending Christmas alone and decided to take action. The old man was so worried about the prospect of facing the day of celebration on his own that he posted a note at his local supermarket asking for someone to take him in for the day.

"Where can a lonely pensioner and widower find a place in a small group for Christmas?" his note read.

A shopper called Lisa found the note pinned up at her local supermarket and was so moved by it that she decided to post it on Facebook. Speaking to the Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Lisa said that she uploaded a picture of the note as she was afraid that no one would notice it.


"When I read this, it broke my heart right away.

"In order to do no bullshit with the data, I've blacked out names and telephone numbers, but I

"Found at Kaufland in Berlin Steglitz (Görtz Allee).

"Maybe someone who can fulfill his heart's desire......."

Lisa posted the note last week and it has gone viral, being shared over 6.7 thousand times.

"I never thought there would be so many responses," she says. "After a certain point, I couldn’t keep up with it."

Lisa says that she has managed to sift through the invites for the elderly man in order to avoid him getting overwhelmed by all the attention that he is currently receiving. The kind-hearted shopper claims that while the man is "very touched" and "very pleased that so many people have responded", he's yet to make a decision about which lucky family he will grace with his presence as he still has a month to make his decision and he is in such high demand.

If you didn't believe in the spirit of Christmas before today, this is a perfect example of what the season should mean. Underneath all the presents, all the food and all the booze, Christmas should be about giving back and sharing festive joy. We hope that the man has an absolutely wonderful Christmas with his new friends.

No, I'm not crying.