Men reveal the 11 weirdest things they find attractive in women

Men reveal the 11 weirdest things they find attractive in women

If you ask a dude what they find attractive in women, you are likely to get two types of answers. You'll either get a brutally honest caveman answer of "boobs" and "butt", or you'll get a more sensitive one about personality, uniqueness or intelligence. Or at least, you do most of the time.

There are some guys who find particular things women do seductive, even if they're innocuous actions the object of their affections doesn't even notice they are doing. No, we're not going as far as to dive into the myriad fetishes you can find over the internet, but still things you would never expect. One thing the internet tends to bring out in people is honesty, which means that we could find and collect all kinds of examples of these surprising attractions from real people across the world.

1. Choker necklaces

"For some reason I just love a girl with a choker necklace" - Reddit

2. Tied-back hair

"Eye contact while tying her hair up" - Reddit

3. Hand communication

"Anytime a girl talks with her hands."

"Like if she has very animated hand gestures, I find that really cute" - Thought Catalog

4. Ponytail hat combo

"Ponytails pulled through baseball caps" - Thought Catalog

5. Messy eaters

"Girls who can devour sauce covered chicken wings and aren’t afraid to dive in there without hesitation, be aggressive and get messy." - Thought Catalog

6. Clumsy

"Clumsiness. Like a mild, woman version of Steve Urkel. Tripping, spilling things, knocking stuff over. Weird, but I like it." - Thought Catalog

7. A sarcastic type

"Extreme sarcasm – like, to the point where it’s debatable if she loves me or completely hates my existence."- Thought Catalog

8. Not the most organised

"Women that have reminders written on the backs of their hands"

"I can't explain it even if my life depended on it." - Reddit

9. A sour look

"Girls with resting bitch face" - Reddit

10. Yawning

"When girls yawn or when they stretch"

"Idk why it looks cute and attractive" - Reddit

11. Looking disinterested

"When she's doing something and not paying attention to me. This is going to sound creepy but I love looking at my girlfriend when she's doing something and not paying attention to me.

"It's hard to describe but seeing her truly into something is attractive." - Reddit

If you already thought it was hard enough to know exactly what men wanted, you're probably even more confused by now. It's a bit alarming that a resting bitch face and disinterested looks are attractive, since that's exactly what you'll be doing when you are avoiding attention from these dudes.

By no means does this mean writing reminders on your hands or making eye contact while you tie your hair back is going to do much other than confuse people, but at least you can safely indulge in a plate of messy chicken wings on a first date without any worries.