Modern-day witch reveals how she used 'magic' to match with her perfect man on Tinder

Modern-day witch reveals how she used 'magic' to match with her perfect man on Tinder

Even nowadays, with dating apps more or less ubiquitous, it can be hard to find the perfect partner; someone we can fall in love with.

However, a woman named Kate Goth says she has managed to circumvent the problem of dating by calling upon an enchanting ritual to lead her to her dream man. The modern-day witch, who "cosmically ordered" her boyfriend, says she cemented their relationship with a magic spell, and claims her occult powers have helped her to find her perfect partner.

Goth, who comes from Devon in England, has always had a fascination with the supernatural and the pagan, and has been interested in witchcraft since learning that she has an ancestor who was executed in 1612 on charges of Satanism. As a teen, she learned more about magic over the internet, and was soon using crystals to keep away bad spirits, and practising divination techniques such as tarot card reading, to help understand the future.

An image of Kate Goth. Credit: Press Association

Moving to the town of  Totnes - the so-called 'New Age capital of Britain' - she mixed with other like-minded occultists, but she was still lonely and single. However, after weaving an enchantment, Kate was soon able to match up with practising Norse pagan Adam Taylor, and believes that she has her spell to thank for the liaison.

Commenting on her unusual method of snaring a man in a recent interview, Kate stated: "I had suffered a few heartbreaks and so wrote down in my journal that I was off men for good. I would only accept a man whose charm and wit was the equal of my imagined vision actor Tom Hiddleston ... Then, a fortnight later, along came my very own Tom Hiddleston in the form of Adam, who worked in a furniture warehouse and was living 25 miles away in Tavistock."

"I went to this tree in the woods just outside Totnes, where I often go to perform magic rituals. I began by casting a protection spell around me and then placed down on the ground some bread and herbs as an offering along with three coins. Each one represented a desire – for abundance in fortune, happiness for my friends and family and abundance in love.

An image of Kate Goth's spell book. Credit: Press Association

"Then a week later Adam was made redundant from his job in Tavistock and came over to live with me in Totnes. I later told him what I had done and he was a little shocked – but that was back in May 2018 and we joke about it now!"

She added: "There are good people and bad people in the world, so of course there are some bad witches. But it is entirely down to the person using the magic to decide, and for me, personally, I think that it makes me a better person. So I don’t feel the need to defend myself all the time about it – I am a very good witch and that’s all there is to say."

Despite the popularity of the Harry Potter books, Kate feels that actual witches are badly treated and patronised in modern society. However, she is keen to stress that magic can be used for both selfish and selfless reasons, and she views herself as a good witch. I suppose it's easy to be sceptical about this, but is it any different to putting your faith in an algorithm to find love? I'd argue not.