Mom writes son receipt for raising him

Mom writes son receipt for raising him

When you're growing up, your mom does everything. She's your maid, washing your clothes and cleaning up that mud you accidentally trekked all over the house. She's your chef and waitress, cooking every meal - and when you're a baby, providing that delicious breast milk! (My mom says I'm too old for it now, so I have to get it off eBay. Ugh, so annoying.) And your mom is your investor, paying for 12 years of school, plus college. (But don't tell her how many nights on campus you spent getting wasted at parties. You were studying - always studying!)

It sounds like a pretty sweet deal. That is, until you're older, and get in an argument with your mom. That's when she throws all that stuff back in your face. "Who cooked and cleaned for you all those years? Who paid for your education? Who cared for you when you were sick, and made you hot chocolate?" And what can you say in return? "Oh yeah, well, who made you those awful Mother's Day cards?" Mom wins, every time.

But here's a fight between a son and mother that really got out of control! A young Vietnamese man decided to leave his home country for the U.S.A., with his supportive fiancee, to pursue his dream of working in graphic design. Most mothers would be proud of their son, wish him good luck, and perhaps knit him an embarrassing sweater. But this mother was so upset she gave her son a receipt for raising him! And not "the heartwarming" kind of the receipt. The "crushing your soul forever" kind of receipt.

Here's the translation from Vietnamese:


Education - 12 years - Free

Sickness - Whole life - Free

Worrying - Whole life -Free

Love - Whole life - Free

Total: Free

Waitress: Mom

P/s: I own you for the rest of your life. No matter how I abused or laughed on your pain, you have no way to escape."

Whoa! That's intense! I've fought with my mom before (usually over trying to get more breastmilk) but she never said "I own you" or "you have no way to escape." That's like something Pennywise or Jigsaw would say. It's a good thing this guy's pursuing a career in CGI. Maybe he can use his skills to create an animated mom that says "I love you! Follow your dreams!" He could even make her Gollum!

To read the full story, check the young man's Reddit post. It's as long as George R.R. Martin describing his breakfast, but has some pretty juicy details, especially about how dad feels about all this. He writes, "My dad said he [would] rather [have] a gay son than me...Dad also [swore] to kill my gf even if he had to go to jail for that."

What a happy family! Their Christmas dinner is going to be so much fun. Now, I think I'll call my mom, tell her thanks for everything, and probably cancel that order for more breastmilk...