This mom's list of dos and don'ts for her daughter is everything

This mom's list of dos and don'ts for her daughter is everything

Of course, every parent wants their children to lead happy and fulfilling lives. However, as nearly every mother and father will find, nothing quite goes to plan when it comes to parenting. Despite their best intentions, moms and dads everywhere have to prepare themselves for the reality that their beloved offspring might not follow the path that they have so lovingly outlined.

Yes, whilst you may want nothing more than for your child to avoid your mistakes and pursue a profession that will ensure their financial stability, there are no guarantees because - shock horror - your child is a wholly different person to you.

As such, all loving parents can do is gently guide their offspring. And that's exactly what one mother attempted to do when she published a list of dos and don'ts for her young daughter on Facebook.

Portland-based blogger Toni Hammer was inspired to write the letter as her daughter is due to start kindergarten this year, and she didn't want her child, Lillian, to experience the same hardships that she did at school.

Speaking about her time in schooling, Toni wrote: “I was picked on a lot as a kid and I hate the idea of her going through what I did. I know it won’t be long before someone tries to make her feel ‘less than’ and I want her to face it with more confidence then I had at that age".

Here's what she wrote;

"To my daughter,

"Don't apologize when someone else bumps into you.

"Don't say 'sorry to be such a pain.' You're not a pain. You're a person with thoughts and feelings who deserves respect. Don't make up reasons as to why you can't go out with a guy you don't wanna go out with. You don't owe anyone an explanation. A simple 'no thanks' should be acceptable.

"Don't overthink what you eat in front of people. If you're hungry, eat, and eat what you want. If you want pizza, don't get a salad just because other people are around. Order the damn pizza. Don't keep your hair long to make someone else happy. Don't wear a dress if you don't want to.

"Don't stay home because you don't have anyone to go out with. Take yourself out. Have experiences by yourself and for yourself. Don't hold back your tears. Crying means you're feeling something that needs to get out. It's not a weakness. It's being human.

"Don't smile because someone told you to. Don't be afraid to laugh at your own jokes. Don't say 'yes' to be polite. Say 'no' because it's your life. Don't hide your opinions. Speak up and speak loudly. You should be heard. Don't apologize for being who you are. Be brave and bold and beautiful. Be unapologetically you."

Naturally, the internet had quite the response to Toni's post. While many applauded Toni for instilling her daughter with the self-confidence and belief to be unapologetically herself, others branded her teachings as "rude" and "offensive".

While one Facebook user commented, "so good. My hubby said I need to remind myself of these things too," another stressed the need for positivity rather than negativity: "Toni, why not turn this into a positive encouragement for your daughter to become a strong, yet thoughtful and compassionate person? This world is already filled with selfish and unkind people."

Well, what do you think? Is Toni's post inspirational in how unapologetic it is? Or do you think that the same thing could have been said in a more positive manner? In any case, I personally think it's always good to be reminded that you shouldn't have to "apologise for being who you are".