New poll reveals the top 5 sexiest accents in the world

New poll reveals the top 5 sexiest accents in the world

If movies and TV shows are anything to be believed, a sexy accent is sometimes all you need to win the affection of a potential partner. Quite often, the trope applies to Mediterranean accents: a hot Spanish bartender, perhaps, or a young Italian woman with a little rebellious spark about her.

Of course, these portrayals are very stereotypical - but it turns out there may be some truth behind the cliched characters we so often see on screen.

A survey conducted by, a dating site aimed at people that are looking to meet like-minded individuals who love to travel, asked thousands of its American users about which accents they perceived to be the most attractive. Of the 21 accents that were put to the popular vote, those that made the final cut were actually fairly surprising.

The survey reached 1,100 men and 1,423 women, and the differing results between genders urged MissTravel to create two separate 'top five' lists.

For women, it turns out that a British accent is most popular, receiving over 20 per cent of the vote. However, considering that a Scottish accent came second, it's probably most likely that what they meant was an English accent (which perhaps explains what drew Meghan Markle to Prince Harry).

In third place was the Spanish accent (see, I told you there was some truth behind the bartender trope), followed in fourth by the Australian twang. In fifth place was the Southern accent - so those of you with a Louisiana drawl might want to consider upping it a bit next time you're hitting on someone.

For men, the results differed slightly.

It seems that English and Scottish accents didn't even make the cut for men (sorry, British women), and the number one spot went to the Israeli accent. Nearly one in five men voted for the accent, which is almost certainly the doing of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. In second place was Columbian - another accent that didn't do well for the women - and in third was Australian.

In fourth place was French, which I personally thought would have done better in the rankings, especially as Paris is meant to be the city of romance. Finally, in fifth place, was the Southern accent again, proving that men and women do sometimes agree on some things.

In an attempt to explain the results, Brandon Wade, the CEO of MissTravel, gave his thoughts on why certain accents made the rankings:

"Accents have a tendency of taking our minds to unknown, and exotic places, adding a touch of mystery and intrigue to the speaker.

"As Americans, we often associate British accents with intelligence and class, both desirable qualities for a mate. While Israeli accents conjure up images of the Mediterranean."

So, if you have any of the accents that made the cut, you may want to consider exaggerating it a little in situations where you're meeting new people. And, if you happen to be an English man or an Israeli woman in America: congratulations, you're apparently super desirable there.