New research shows that smoking weed can actually improve your sex life

New research shows that smoking weed can actually improve your sex life

Throughout history, people have been searching for something to make their sexual escapades a little more interesting.

In ancient times, more adventurous (or perhaps desperate) folks would consume weird concoctions and pray to certain gods in order to put a bit more spice in their lives - but things have changed since then. Now, you can take pills to make you last longer, eat foods to increase your levels of desire, and buy products to enhance your performance in the bedroom.

However, it turns out that the answer to improving your sex life is something we previously thought could hinder it: marijuana.

Research conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine has suggested that - contrary to previous beliefs - smoking weed doesn't have a negative effect on sex at all. In fact, it can improve it.

“Frequent marijuana use doesn’t seem to impair sexual motivation or performance. If anything, it’s associated with increased coital frequency,” said Michael Eisenberg, one of the authors of the study.

Along with Andrew Sun, Eisenberg looked at data from the National Survey of Family Growth spanning from 2002 to 2015. In particular, the researchers focused on self-reported answers from more than 50,000 Americans aged between 25 and 45 - one of which was given in response to how often they had slept with someone of the opposite sex in the previous four weeks.

When compared to the answers given to another question - how often those same individuals smoked marijuana - the correlation was clear: those who smoked more often also had more sex. And the results didn't change between genders.

Women who didn't smoke at all reporting they had partaken in sexual intercourse an average of six times in four weeks, while those who smoked daily enjoyed 7.1 steamy sessions in the same time frame. Men, on the other hand, showed a slightly bigger difference, with daily smokers reporting an average of 6.9 sessions in four weeks, and non-smokers a measly 5.6.

The correlation seems to be pretty universal across all sectors of society, too. In an interview with Huffpost, Eisenberg explained that:

“Once we found the positive association between marijuana use and sexual frequency, I thought there were be some groups for whom this pattern did not exist. For example, I thought there would be differences based on age, race/ethnicity, education and marital status but for every group examined, we saw the same association.”

However, Eisenberg was also careful to point out that smoking more weed will not necessarily get you any more action than you already do. “Correlation does not equal causation,” he said. “More research in this area is needed. I think this represents an important opportunity to understand this association.”

It should also be noted that previous studies have shown that - in the long run - smoking weed may have some negative effects on your ability to perform. Marijuana has actually been shown to lower testosterone in men, which sometimes leads to erectile dysfunction. So, while it might mean you can perform the mattress dance more frequently for now, smoking weed often could prevent you from getting laid at all in the future.

As with all things then, it's best enjoyed in moderation.