New study reveals that men lie twice as often as women

New study reveals that men lie twice as often as women

We've all been guilty of lying in our lives and if you say you haven't, well then you're a liar. Whether it's just a little, harmless white lie or something more serious and sinister, lying is something that we have all (regrettably) done. However, who lies more? Men or women? And what is the least most trusted profession when it comes to telling the truth? Well, luckily thanks to a new study, we now have that information to share with you.

In relationships, it's assumed that men or more likely to lie or cheat than their female counterparts.  In a 2006 study conducted by the American General Social Survey, they found that nearly twice as many married men as women admitted to having had sexual relations with someone other than their spouse. Not only that, but here in the grey-shores of the UK, the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal) found that 15% of men had had "overlapping" relationships in the previous year, but only 9% of women.

Catherine Mercer, who is head of analysis for the Natsal study, says that the reason behind the gender gap may in part be because women are less likely to own up to cheating than men."We can't directly observe unfaithfulness so we have to rely on what people tell us and we know there are gender differences in the way people report sexual behaviours," she says.

However, while men are more likely to be dishonest in a relationship, what about in general life? Well, in truth, the results don't look good for males again.

According to a new study, men lie twice as often as women, and one in 10 men believe that they are experts at it. The research found that men tend to fib around once every four days, while women will tell a lie once every eight days.

Unsurprisingly, given how much it is discussed and the rise of "fake news", politics was revealed to be the least trusted profession by the general public - with 71 percent of those questioned believing that politicians have a hidden agenda.

The study was carried out for the release of Hidden Agenda on PlayStation 4. In the game, players have to be able to spot liars, something with nine out of 10 people believe that they can do easily. In terms of what we believe are the key characteristics of a liar, people said a lack of eye contact was the biggest giveaway (64 percent), followed by delayed responses (50 percent) and fidgeting (38 percent).

Despite what we may think are the easy characteristics to spot when someone is lying to us, deception expert Darren Stanton warned: "Many classic "tells" are unreliable. Liars actually find it very easy to look others in the eye."

So, it turns out men are dirty dogs after all and that no one trusts politicians. I mean, they do say that all stereotypes stem from the truth, don't they?