New survey reveals exactly when women reach their sexual peak

New survey reveals exactly when women reach their sexual peak

Women's sexuality has always been a hotly contested subject. Not only are there many myths surrounding the female sex drive (or, according to popular culture, the lack thereof) and the question of whether women can reach orgasm (they can), but female sexuality has also been incredibly misrepresented since the dawn of mass media.

Society continues to inform us that women are both at their sexiest, and most into sex during their younger years. Movies such as American Pie and 50 Shades of Grey paint their young female leads as the very epitome of sexual beings, while the older female characters are two-dimensional in their sexuality - that is, they're portrayed as "past their prime". Posited to stand in bleak contrast to their younger counterparts, their narratives rarely include mention of their sex lives and often portray them as cast-offs, no longer desired by men.

But this is all decidedly untrue. An illuminating new study has found that women actually reach their sexual peak later in life...

A survey commissioned by the contraceptive app, Natural Cycles, aimed to get to the bottom of some myths surrounding female sexuality by asking 2,600 women of different ages about their sex lives, how sexy they feel, how often they orgasm, how great their orgasms are and how often they engage in intercourse.

To analyse the results, Natural Cycles categorised the women into several different age groups, including: 24 to 35 and 36 and older, in order to gauge how the quality their sex lives evolved over time.

While many would naturally assume that the younger group would be more confident in their looks, it turns out that it was the 36 and overs that felt the sexiest, with a whopping 80 per cent declaring that they always feel super sexy. In comparison, 70 per cent of the younger group said that they feel on all the time.

Middle-aged women were the most insecure, with a meagre 40 per cent saying that they felt totally at ease in their skin.

The study found that older women also scored the highest when it came to orgasms. 60 per cent of the 36 and over group said that they frequently have mind-blowing orgasms. The younger group, however, did not do as well here, with only half declaring that they often had orgasms whilst engaging in sexual activity.

In fact, mature women took the cake in every regard. 86 per cent of the older group said that they had great sex within the last four weeks, compared to 76 per cent of the middle-aged group. And clocking in last, at 56 per cent, was the 24 to 35-ers.

Well, I can imagine that this is quite a surprise for some. Contrary to popular belief, you can still continue banging past the age of 25. I mean, who would have known?

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