New survey reveals the top reason women want to have sex

New survey reveals the top reason women want to have sex

Have you ever really wondered long and hard (no euphemisms here, folks) about why people have sex? Probably not, and before you roll your eyes and threateningly move your cursor towards your tabs to close this article, know that a staggering 237 reasons have been recorded.

Yes, people have sex for reasons more complex than just for pleasure's sake or to reproduce. Researchers asked over 2,000 people in a study a few years ago about their motivations to have sex, and they came back with a list of 237 reasons including “I wanted an orgasm” and “I realised I was in love”, as well as “I wanted a promotion” and “I wanted to feel closer to God”. To each to their own.

But what is that makes women in particular want sex?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the topic has been investigated by actual professional researchers, and we now have conclusive answers.

A new study has found the top reasons why women want to have sex with data gathered from 510 sexually active adult women. Each woman was asked to complete a survey about her sexual motivations to find out what really makes her want to do the hanky panky with someone. The participants of the study were a mix of university students and people recruited online. They were, on average, 21.6 years old with 94 per cent coming from Canada and 61.7 per cent identifying as heterosexual.

The 510 women were given a list of 140 possible motivations for getting it on. They varied from pleasure and love to revenge and were picked from the most common of the 237 motivations found in the aforementioned study.

What's more, each participant was asked to state how often they'd had sex for that particular reason in four different contexts: casual sex with a woman, casual sex with a man, committed relationship sex with a woman, and committed relationship sex with a man.

It probably won't come as a shock to you to hear that for sex with a casual partner (AKA a one-night-stand or a doomed "friends with benefits" situation), motivations were more related to physical attraction and pleasure, rather than emotional reasons. Some of the most common reasons people said they wanted to have casual sex included: “I wanted to experience the physical pleasure,” “The person’s physical appearance turned me on,” “I was ‘horny,'” and “It feels good.”

On the other hand, for sex in a committed relationship – surprise, surprise! – women do it for love. Women said they wanted to do the dirty with their committed partner for reasons including “I wanted to show my affection to the person,” “I wanted to express my love for the person,” and “I desired emotional closeness.”

Emotional reasons were clearly far more common than physical reasons in these scenarios, something the researchers found regardless of whether the committed relationship was with a man or a woman. In fact, researchers found little difference in any of the motivations to have sex for women in terms of if they were interested in men, women, or both.

The findings in the study are a little unsurprising. I mean, everyone has different motivations, but we can all generally agree that people looking for casual sex are in it for the good time and the good looks, while people in relationships do it for the feels... and presumably for a good time as well.

In any case, you're welcome for the new (or not) info.