Parents share their 15 biggest parenting fails

Parents share their 15 biggest parenting fails

As anyone who's ever spent any amount of time around children will know, kids are not the easiest creatures to deal with. They're curious, full of energy, and have this amazing ability to immediately ruin any plans you have within any given time frame.

It's no surprise, then, that parents make mistakes sometimes. And I'm not talking about little, "oh, I put mismatching socks on the baby" sort of mistakes, but "whoops, I left my kid at the store again" kind of things.

But, hey, sometimes you've just got to laugh...

1. That's going to be a beach to get off

2. This kid clearly has experience with getting away from dad

3. Sure, she can hold it herself

4. See the ball, feel the ball, BE the ball

5. Which way up do children go again?

6. It's ok, they always land on their feet. Or is that cats?

7. That's actually the dad's room - the kid's just in his bed

8. This baby doubles as a ketchup dispenser

9. For future reference: don't let dad dress the kids

10. Same though

11. You might want to take a closer look at that jumper

12. When the child becomes the parent

13. You know when you can just hear a picture

14. This was actually a clever strategy to stop him from wriggling

15. $10 says this kid grows up to be a baker

It just goes to show, no matter how loving, attentive and careful you are as a parent, you'll probably still end up dropping your kid head first into a puddle at some point.