These are the personality traits that will lead you to have better sex

These are the personality traits that will lead you to have better sex

While the majority of us would more than likely say that we are happy with our current sex lives, we would all like to know if there was anything that could be done in order to improve them. The internet and magazines are awash with different sex tips, positions and techniques that you can implement to make your time in the sack more enjoyable, but now science has also had its say.

Scientists over at Florida State University decided to take a look at the sex lives of the average married couple and dissect what makes them tick. The aim of the research was to tie our personalities to our sexual performance and to see how the two intertwine with each other. According to research conducted by the boffins over at the university, there are two personality traits that can lead to you having better and more fulfilling sex.

The research looked at 278 newlywed couples, who undertook five big personality tests. The respondents were monitored for their strengths in the following traits: Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness to experience.

The 556 participants were handed personal diaries to document their sex lives in with them writing down how often they were having it, and how satisfying it tended to be. Once the two weeks were over, they then disclosed their results to the researchers.

The team of scientists found that, in heterosexual couples, wives who scored highly in "agreeableness" have more frequent sex than those who don't. However, more interestingly, they found that the husband's personality traits were not related to the probability of sex.

Instead, they found that both husbands and wives who ranked low in "neuroticism" are likely to have more satisfying sex when it does occur, while husbands who were low in openness also experienced this.

According to the research, the couples had sex on 23 per cent of the days that they were monitored for (so 3 or 4 days over the 14).

"It suggests that it is women’s, rather than men’s, personality that predicts the probability of sex in relationships. Given that men desire sex more frequently than women, women have been labelled the 'gatekeepers' of sex within relationships."

"Thus, it is perhaps not surprising that couples in which the wife is high in agreeableness, and thus places a higher emphasis on interpersonal relationships, or openness, and thus is more receptive to novelty, reported having more sex, though the effect involving wives’ openness was only marginally significant."

They continued:

"This research indicates that the negative associations between neuroticism and global sexual satisfaction that have emerged in past research extend to daily evaluations of specific acts of sex."

Unsurprisingly, women are in control of the sexual situation, thus heightening the stereotypes of men being rabid sex pests that need controlling by women. More interestingly, it's common for women to say that they prefer a guy who is open with his feelings, but this research seems to suggest that isn't the case.