Photographer captures the adorable moment when bride surprises grandma by marrying in her old wedding dress

Photographer captures the adorable moment when bride surprises grandma by marrying in her old wedding dress

Your wedding day is meant to be the happiest day of your life, and for that reason, you want the people you love the most to be there with you. Whether it's your best mate, your mom and dad or your grandparents; you want everyone to be there and you want them to have a special day as well. I can imagine that if you are a grandmother, watching your granddaughter get married is enough to bring you to tears. But for Penny Jensen, 74, that special day was made even more sweeter by the adorable tribute that her granddaughter paid to her

Penny's granddaughter, Jordyn, 23, decided to marry in Penny's original wedding dress as her "something borrowed" long before she had began to prepare to wed her high school sweetheart, but she had kept that plan a secret from her grandmother until the big day.

In photographs captured by Kortney Peterson, Penny appears completely overwhelmed by happiness in the moment that she learns of her granddaughters adorable tribute. Looking at the pictures, Penny seems to be quickly reduced to tears when she sees her beautiful granddaughter in the dress that her once brought her so much happiness on her own big day.

Speaking about the big reveal, Kortney, the photographer, said that Penny didn't even know that Jordyn had the dress in her possession, let alone that she was going to wear it for her own wedding.

"Jordyn and I stepped out [of the rehearsal dinner] and got her all ready and into the dress. We got her grandmother to step outside and we showed her the old photo of her in the dress that was going to be displayed at the wedding," she said.

Jordyn decided that she would debut the dress to her grandmother at the rehearsal dinner, as she thought that seeing it for the first time during her walk down the aisle would be too emotional. The bride claims that she "blacked out" for a moment during the surprise.

"All I heard her saying in the back was, "Wow, wow, wow." I finally went up and hugged her and she whispered in my ear, 'I married my high school sweetheart in this dress and so will you'."

Penny's husband died 25 years ago, which means that he was never able to meet Jordyn, something which made the dress even more poignant. The touching moment between the grandmother and granddaughter left everyone looking on in tears.

Jordyn tried on dozens of dresses before her big day, although she had struggled to come across anything that felt right before she learnt that her grandmother was planning on donating hers. After secretly trying it on, Jordyn was blown away by the beauty of the dress and although it was a couple of sizes too big, she found a seamstress who altered it to fit like a dream.

Jordyn and her fiance, Dakota, married on September 23 and the bride plans on keeping the dress for future generations of their family.

It's a very touching tribute by Jordyn, and a brilliant take on the old saying, "Something old, something new, Something borrowed, something blue." Good luck to Jordyn and Dakota in the future.